Resources and support for staff


Student Support Services provides a number of useful publications for staff. These include:

You may also wish to provide your students with our useful leaflets supporting positive mental health. Please contact if you wish to stock these at your school or office.

Consultation and responding to students

Western Sydney University Counselling Service aims to support all our staff. Our door is always open to staff who want to discuss a difficult situation, or raise concerns about a student. Our hope is that a discussion will offer a fresh perspective and generate new ways to approach the student or situation. We may also recommend that you refer the student to us for counselling. To find out more, please visit the Tips for responding to students page.

If you wish to consult a counsellor or refer a student to us, please call 1300 668 370 or email us at


There is a range of training available to help staff members who may notice mental health changes in others. Find out more at the Training page.

Free counselling and mental health support

Free counselling is available to staff through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). There is also extensive information available to staff in the Mental Health & Wellbeing Pack for staff.

Disabilities and disclosure

Disclosing your condition is understandably sensitive and often challenging. However the best first step you can make is to get the help and support you need. Equity and Diversity offer comprehensive information for staff with disabilities who may require adjustments for work. You may also find the information on the page Motivation and returning to work helpful.