Student Projects

We regularly work with groups of students on projects around social media at the University. Here are few of our recent ones.

So Have I Got The Job?

In Semester 1 of 2015, we worked with another group of 4th year design student from Rabbit Hole to create a new campaign looking at the impact social media can have on employment prospects. So Have I Got The Job? culminated in a series of posters and a humorous video juxtaposing the posts of a young man on social media with what how he sells himself in a job interview. A handy social media privacy guide was also produced as part of the project.

Would You Show Nan?

In semester 2 of 2104, we challenged a group of our 4th year design students to create a campaign that focused on online privacy awareness amongst our student community. Their response - Would you show nan? The campaign outcome rested on the concept of asking the students to consider the implications of their online behaviours. Posters were produced depicting damaging images shared on familiar social channels with accompanying commentary. The video component of the project depicts the potentially drastic consequences of sharing images or text without thinking before they click.