PhD Graduates

Dr Jane Bringolf

Barriers to Universal Design in Housing: Why they exist and how they might be resolved

Jane's research was based around the topic of universal design, which is a process of creating products and environments that suit people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Jane investigated the drivers and barriers to universal design, particularly in housing, and examined the economic costs to the community of not having universally designed products and environments.

Dr Tamara Weyman

Spatial Information Sharing for Better Regional Decision-Making

The aim of this research was to determine whether a technological spatial innovation, such as online spatial portal, would provide an effective mechanism to support better policy dialogue between the technical capacity and decision-making spheres within and between local government, enabling improved policy development and application.

Dr Samantha Sharpe

Regional Dimensions of Innovative Activity in Outer Western Sydney

The aim of this research was to understand the socio-economic development of a metropolitan region in Sydney through an analysis of regional innovative activity. Click here to read the abstract.

Dr Michael Grosvenor

Understanding Sustainability in an Urban Context

Dr Martin Nichols

The aim of this research is to investigate the infrastructure costs associated with compact versus dispersed city forms. In effect, the research will seek to determine which city forms can provide infrastructure at the least cost.

Dr Tayanah O'Donnell

The aim of this research is to examine policy responses and adaptation in the context of sea level rise and other global climate change induced coastal activities and occurrences. The core of the thesis is focussed on policy and adaptation responses for a small number of NSW coastal councils.

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