Alex Baumann

Alex Baumann"Making our neighbourhood work: Exploring a new perspective in public housing"

Supervisor: Rae Dufty-Jones; Co-supervisors: Michael Darcy; Emma Power 

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours)

Research Focus
All of Alex's research is in the area of exploring pre-market or 'Commons' approaches to public resident participation; where public land provides the foundation for non-commercial local cooperation and productivity. This approach recognises that 'alternative participation spaces' are critical, as people increasingly find themselves alienated by an ever more competitive and unsustainable market system.

Alex has played a central role in a grass-roots group of public residents for over ten years. This group has designed and actioned many resident self-help programs such as car sharing, community food gardens and local social events. The group has also been politically active, waging a campaign for voluntary work for the dole which was credited with helping to open up that opportunity for elderly unemployed. For info on this group go to Let's Create a Neighbourhood That Works.(opens in a new window) In his work with this group, Alex has also played a central role in the development of many resources for public residents, including an online application to help facilitate local participation.  

Alex Baumann is currently furthering his research interests as a PhD Candidate, tutor, lecturer and unit co-ordinator in the School of Social Science and Psychology at the University of Western Sydney.

UWS School of Social Sciences and Psychology Dean's Medal 2008
UWS Honours Scholarship 2009
Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship 2010

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