Destination College

Destination College

The education needs of Greater Western Sydney are evolving and in line with this evolution, student expectations and needs are changing. The Destination College Initiative will respond directly to the needs of Greater Western Sydney and beyond through exploring differentiated and flexible higher education and vocational education and training pathways. Destination College will support an institutional reputation for innovation, integration of qualifications and a compelling differentiated experience. The Initiative will enhance opportunities for students’ academic and career goals.

What is Destination College?

This strategic Initiative will enable The College to build on its strengths and further differentiate itself as a ‘destination’. Through capitalising on Western’s Digital Acceleration Initiative, Destination College will enhance accessibility and elevate support, thereby responding to the contemporary needs of Western Sydney. Destination College will enhance choice and appeal to new markets.

Who we are

Executive Sponsor: Glenn Campbell, Chief Executive Officer

Initiative Lead: Joel Walker, Executive Director, Strategy and Planning

Stream Leads:

  • Mary Byrne, Executive Director, Operations
  • Neil Dutfield, Director, Product
  • Anthony Mitri, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Western Sydney University ranks #1 in the world for commitment to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Western Sydney University Transformation Program aligns with, and specifically addresses, four main SDGs: Quality Education; Decent Work and Economic Growth; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; and Partnerships for the Goals.

Here’s how the Destination College initiative is helping to achieve Goal 4: Quality Education and Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth:

  • Remove inequities in access to education through the offering of ‘open access, multimodal programs, and the provision of personalised, digitally enhanced student support to enable all students to access equitable educational opportunities;
  • Bridge the gap between Higher Education and Vocational Educational Training (VET) through the development of flexible training programs, embedding of VET skillsets and employability skills across a range of courses to meet the needs of Western Sydney and the national labour market more broadly;
  • Offer a flexible pathways model, with the aim of scaffolding opportunities to higher levels of education through flexible training programs and courses with flexible entry, exit points and flexible delivery; and
  • Support the growth of small and medium sized enterprises through the provision of a business to business professional development and training program.


Ensure Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education and Promote Lifelong Learning Opportunities for All

Promote Sustained, Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth, Full and Productive Employment and Decent Work for All

When is this happening?

Frequently Asked Questions

Through a flexible pathways model, this initiative will enhance the market appeal of The College and build on its strengths in student support and innovative learning and teaching practices. Through Creating Connections, the Initiative aims to secure The College as a preferred pathway provider, enabling students to discover their pathway.

The Board of Trustees have approved this initiative as part of the 5 year Transformation Program. The Destination College initiative will run for three years.

Staff and students will have opportunities to provide input and collaborate on different activities within the Initiative streams.

If you are unsure who to contact or would like broader information or assistance, get in touch with the Transformation Program Team at

Several project-related roles will be advertised during the course of this Transformation Program. Please keep checking the Jobs webpage for vacancies.

How can I learn more?

If you would like to learn more or are interested in getting involved, please reach out to us via our Transformation Program Enquiry Form or at

Current College Staff can access further information about this initiative via The Destination College SharePoint site.