Vice-Chancellor's Professional Development Scholarships

The 2019 Vice-Chancellor's Professional Development Scholarships applications are currently closed.

In 2019, a total of 32 Scholarships to the value of $3,000 each are available for staff to attend relevant conferences, short courses, seminars or workshops.

  • 12 x $3,000 scholarships are available for Academic staff
  • 12 x $3,000 scholarships are available for Professional staff
  • 6 x $3,000 scholarships are available for Academic Sessional staff
  • 2 x $3,000 scholarships are available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff

    Note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff should refer to the application criteria procedures and closing date at the Vice-Chancellor's Professional Development Scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff (opens in a new window) in order to complete their application.

Who can Apply?

Applications are open to all ongoing Western Sydney University academic and professional staff (part-time and full-time) who have a minimum of 12 months continuous service and can demonstrate how the professional development activity will benefit their career or professional development and their organisational unit or the University overall.

The professional development activity must also be related to a staff members' duties of employment at Western Sydney University.

Applicants must be:

  • ongoing full-time or part-time employees
  • limited term; full-time or part-time employees with a contract expiry date of 31 December 2019 or beyond
  • have a minimum of 12 months' continuous service
  • an academic Level A to D or Professional Staff HEW 1 to 9

For Academic Sessional staff, you must have:

  • Taught a minimum of 4 hours per week in 3 of the 4 past teaching sessions at Western Sydney University;
  • All applications must be supported by the Dean of School where the teaching has occurred / or all Deans if across more than one School.

Note: Senior Staff HEW 10 and above and Professors (Level E) are not eligible.

What Type of Professional Development can the Scholarships be used for?

Scholarships may be used for a variety of professional development activities including conferences, seminars, workshops and short courses that are relevant to the staff member's duties of employment at Western Sydney University. The scholarships are not available for payment towards courses such as Bachelors and Masters Degrees. For more information, please see Education Allowance in the Professional Development Policy (opens in a new window).

Application Criteria and Procedures

Please read the detailed application criteria and procedures (PDF, 797.47 KB) (opens in a new window) before completing an application form.

Application Forms

Applications for the 2018 Vice-Chancellor's Professional Development Scholarships are currently closed.
2019 Vice-Chancellor's Professional Development Scholarship Application Forms Ongoing & Limited Term Academic ( PDF, 107.03 KB)(opens in a new window)
Sessional Academic Staff PDF, 99.43 KB (opens in a new window)
Professional Staff (PDF, 107.03 KB)(opens in a new window)
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Staff (PDF, 123.32 KB)(opens in a new window)

2019 Scholarship Recipients

In 2018, a total of 31 Vice-Chancellor's Professional Development Scholarships were awarded for completion in 2019.  Recipients are listed below.

Academic Staff

Staff Member Conference or Professional Development Activity

Jaydene Barnes, School of Education

2019 AJEC Research Symposium

Dorothea Bowyer, School of Business

European Association for International Education Conference

David Cole, School of Education

Deleuze/Guattari Studies in Asia Conference

James Gourley, School of Humanities & Communication Arts

Australia & New Zealand American Studies Association (ANZASA) Conference 2019

Frances Henshaw, School of Science & Health

Finite Element Modeling Workshop and Diabetic Foot Conference
Rachael Jacobs, School of EducationLincoln Center Education’s Teaching Artist Lab – Summer Forum

Ric Lovell, School of Science & Health

World Congress of Science and Football

Jennifer MacRitchie, School of Humanities and Communication Arts

International Symposium on Performance Science (ISPS) Conference in collaboration with Australian Music and Psychology Society (AMPS) Conference

Felix Ogbo, School of Medicine

JBI Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program

Olayide Ogunsiji, School of Nursing & Midwifery

21st International Conference on Surgical Nursing and Nursing Education

Sheeja Perumbil Pathrose, School of Nursing & Midwifery

10th Council of International Neonatal Nurses Conference

Gerda Roelvink, School of Social Sciences & Psychology

Freelance writing stage 1 course and Freelance writing master class program

Juan Francisco Salazar, School of Humanities & Communication Arts

Participation and Presentation at CPH: DOX Industry Conference and Forum 2019

Helen Wu, School of Computing, Engineering & Mathematics

International Heavy Haul STS Conference 2019

Sessional Academic Staff

Staff MemberConference or Professional Development Activity
Ivy Blackman, School of Computing, Engineering & MathematicsCertificate in Construction Project Management

Paul Preobrajensky, School of Science & Health

Company Directors Course Update

Paul Rooney, School of Education

8th International Congress on Education and Learning

Anne Spencer, School of Science & Health

Foundational of Qualitative Methodologies, Data Collection and Analysis

Jason Tuckwell, School of Humanities & Communication Arts

The Society for Philosophy and Technology 2019 Annual Conference

Professional Staff

Staff Member Conference or Professional Development Activity
Grahame Andrews, MARCS Institute Design of Medical Devices Conference
Nicolle Fowler, Office of Marketing & CommunicationStrategic Management Short Course

Melinda Jewell, Writing and Society Research Centre

Australasian Research management Society (ARMS) Foundation Level Accreditation

Merrilee Kessler, Research, Engagement Development & Innovation

Research Essentials Short Course

Melissa Lindeberg, School of Social Sciences & Psychology

Prosci Change Management Certification Program

Gary Martinic, Technical Services

Husbandry, Captive Management & Conservation Status of the Diamond Python
Angie Nguyen, Office of the PVC, Learning Transformations

Next Generation, Higher Education : Challenges, Changes and Opportunities

Patricia Parish, Office of Employability & Graduate Success

Certification Workshop for Life and Career Coaches

Renee Reed, Information Technology & Digital Services

Ascender pay Conference and HEW User Group

Senior HR Partners, Office of Human Resources

University Senior HR Partner Conference

Merissa Wales, Information Technology & Digital Services

Ascender Pay – Payroll Management and leave processing

Flora Zhong, Institute for Culture and SocietyIntroduction to Social Network Research Awards

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