Critical Management Conversations

Critical Management Conversations (CMC) has been designed to replace the Foundational Leadership and Management Program. The design of CMC is based on research that indicates up to 70% of professional learning occurs on the job and in no small part emerges from conversations and interactions we have with work colleagues. This program provides essential Western Sydney University management knowledge as a core curriculum of online modules and selected face-to-face sessions supported by a series of 2-hour collaborative opportunities for skill development and knowledge sharing in a supportive collegial environment. The program is designed to accommodate different levels of experience through its blended learning approach which can be customised to suit individual learning needs.

Critical Management Conversations recognises that Managers and Supervisors have an important responsibility as people managers and to do this they need to:

  • ensure staff are aware of, work within, and support the implementation of the guidelines established by relevant legislation, University policies, procedures and the Staff Agreements;
  • be aligned to the University’s strategic goals, values, and Code of Conduct; and
  • apply the appropriate guidelines and standards for developing staff and managing performance.

The CMC curriculum is designed to assist all managers and leaders to be successful in their roles. Newly appointed Managers and Supervisors should complete the Face-to-Face and Online Curriculum components of the program during the first 18 months in their role.

For further information you can search the module titles in MyCareer Online or contact the Talent and Leadership Development or 9678 7493.

Foundational Leadership and Management