Speed Mentoring Forums

Campus based speed mentoring

In response to feedback from the 2012 MyVoice Staff Engagement Survey, the Career Development for Academic staff working group launched campus based speed mentoring events in 2013. In these sessions, early to mid-career academics are given the opportunity to meet with members of the Professoriate in 10 minute intervals to discuss teaching, research, governance, engagement and writing.  Speed mentoring has been offered for the past five years.

Mentors have included:

  • Professor James Arvanitakis, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
  • Professor Gregory Kolt, Dean, School of Science & Health
  • Professor Simeon Simoff, Dean, School of Computing, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Professor Kevin Dunn, Dean, School of Social Sciences & Psychology
  • Professor Lynette Sheridan-Burns, Deputy Dean, School of Humanities & Communication Arts
  • Professor Ian Anderson, Director, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment
  • Professor Deborah Sweeney, Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice-President (Research & Innovation)
  • Professor Caroline Smith, Dean Graduate Studies (Policy and Innovation)

Upon completion of the Mentoring sessions, Mentees are asked to debrief and evaluate the event. Participants noted three areas of benefit from the session: encouragement and support for their career goals, reassurance in areas of difficulty, and the opportunity to network outside of their usual peer group. Several mentees appreciated getting constructive guidance on how to navigate their career at Western Sydney University and were encouraged to see senior staff were interested in helping. The mentoring reassured some participants they were not alone in their struggles and left mentees with practical advice about how to stay on the right track. Benefits also included opportunities to meet established researchers, develop career goals with the advice of staff outside of the participants' Schools, and discuss CVs and achievements with senior academics.

For further information, please contact Leone Cripps (opens in a new window).