Associate Professor Nicole Asquith


Associate Professor in Policing and Criminal Justice in the School of Social Sciences and Psychology


Nicole L. Asquith is an Associate Professor of Policing & Criminal Justice, Co-Director of the Vulnerability, Resilience and Policing Research Consortium, and University Associate with the Tasmania Institute of Law Enforcement Studies. She has worked with policing organisations for over 20 years to develop better victim services, and policing processes for vulnerable victims and offenders. In addition to her work with Australian and UK policing services on hate crime, she is currently working with criminal justice stakeholders on strategies for reducing victim and offender vulnerability, and rural policing.

Her current research investigates:

  • the policing of vulnerability and diversity
  • motivated hate crime
  • intrafamilial hate crime
  • individual and social costs of fear of prejudice
  • small town policing
  • the criminal careers of sexuality and gender diverse offenders

Her work has been published in a range of edited collections and journal articles. She is the (co-)author of:

  • Text and Context of Malediction
  • Crime and Criminology 6e (with Rob White and Janine Haines)
  • Critical Policing Studies (to be published 2018)

She is also the co-editor of

  • Policing Vulnerability (2012) Federation Press (with Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron)
  • Policing Encounters with Vulnerability (2017) Palgrave (with Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron & Karl Roberts)
  • Vulnerability and the Criminal Justice System (2016), special edition of the Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice (with Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron & Karl Roberts)

Research Interests

  • Criminology
  • Victimology


  • British Society of Criminology (2007)
  • Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology (2008)
  • European Group for the Study of Social Control and Deviance (2009)
  • American Society of Criminology (2016)
  • Australian and New Zealand Society for Evidence-Based Policing (2014)

Qualifications and Recognition

  • PhD University of Melbourne
  • BA(Hons) University of New South Wales

Research and Publications

Contact Details

Telephone +61 2 4736 0951
Location Penrith Campus (Kingswood)