Western to the World

Applications have closed for 2019

Western to the World is a knowledge exchange program for Western Sydney University PhD candidates and their supervisors designed to grow Western’s international reach and research impact.


Research is, by its nature, international. To operate at the cutting edge of a field demands collaboration with leading international colleagues.

Western to the World (WttW) will provide our health and medical research students and academics the resources to partner with pre-eminent international experts by supporting an extended research period overseas.

Through this program we will build our research capacity at Western and bring international expertise to bear on the health outcomes in our region. In turn, we will transfer our own leading research to international colleagues and their communities.

We invite PhD candidates and their academic supervisors to join us in this exciting program and help us build impact across our international community.

Program Overview

Western to the World is open to our highest performing PhD candidates working in areas of strength in health and medical research. In gaining access to international leading researchers and innovators, our students will enjoy a unique research training and networking experience, making important industry contacts while contributing to the international research community.

PhD candidates will receive up to $10,000 to support a research period of up to three months at a suitable international university. Additional funding (up to a further $10,000) is available, if required and if justified, to cover countries with high costs of living and any related project costs.

The PhD candidate’s principal supervisor will be offered $5,000 to support a two-week research trip to coincide with the candidate’s research period. Additional funding (up to a further $5,000) is available, if required and if justified, to cover countries with high travel costs and any related project costs.

10 to 20 packages will be offered in the first round. Successful candidates can nominate their travel period to take place any time between November 2019 to December 2020.

Western to the World is open to PhD candidates with a focus on:

  • Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing
  • Maternal and Infant Care
  • Child and Early Years development
  • Age and Ageing
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Diabetes and obesity
  • Cancer and Cancer Care
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Neuromorphic Engineering
  • Digital health
  • Pharmacology
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Population and Global Health

Western to the World is designed to support substantial, mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships with international universities. It is expected that all relationships will deliver joint-author publications and funding applications.


International Research Mobility Program

Research mobility is where a candidate undertakes fieldwork as part of their higher degree by research project. This may include research undertaken to collect data as part of their HDR project or research at another educational institution, third-party Global Study provider or industry partner, where a formal Dual Award and Joint Higher Degree agreement does not exist. For the purposes of Western to the World, the research must be primarily conducted through an international university.

Western Sydney University is finalising a Student International Mobility Policy, which will include conditions, stipulations and requirements related to Research Mobility. Until such time as the Policy is published, Schools and Institutes administering the travel and research arrangements on behalf of the successful PhD Candidates will determine the applicable conditions, stipulations and requirements.

Candidates in receipt of a scholarship granted by the University will continue to receive their stipend under the usual conditions of their award.

PhD Candidate Eligibility:

Western to the World is open to Western Sydney University PhD candidates and their supervisors. Domestic and international students, and part-time and full-time students, are eligible.

To be eligible to apply, the candidate must have:

  • Completed their Confirmation of Candidature and are meeting all other required milestones.
  • Support from relevant School Dean or Institute Director, and corresponding HDR Director.
  • Letter of support from the nominated international university indicating:
    • commitment to the WttW scholarship research proposal
    • whom the candidate will work with, and
    • a firm interest in an enduring relationship with Western.
  • In the case of fieldwork, have relevant ethics clearance at least one month before departure (if applicable).
  • Commitment to outputs following the Program.

Selection of Partner University

Western to the World is only available for research with other universities based in countries other than Australia. Applicants who wish to conduct their research through a research institute, hospital, health precinct or other similar organisation may do so, if such an organisation has an affiliation with a suitable university, and that university supports the research and the application.

Universities should be chosen with the following criteria in mind:

  • Top 500 universities in the world (QS, or ARWU or THE rankings) OR
  • Universities with a Top 200 ranking in relevant subject area (QS rankings) OR
  • A university with whom Western has an established partnership and agreement, or is building a partnership (see Western’s International University Partners PDF, 196.92 KB (opens in a new window))

Applications for universities outside of these categories may be considered, at the discretion of the selection panel, if a strong case can be made. This should be first discussed with Marisa Furno, Associate Director, International Partnerships, on ext: 9177 or email: m.furno@westernsydney.edu.au, with the discussion outcomes included in the application.

How to Apply

Applications have closed for 2019

Application Process

  1. Candidate and supervisor to complete the  application form, DOCX, 34.19 KB (opens in a new window) including the Statement of Claim.
  2. Short-listed applicants - both the candidate and supervisor - will have a face-to-face interview with the selection panel.
  3. The selection panel will assess and make recommendations to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation for final consideration and approval.
  4. In some circumstances, successful applicants will need to enter into a research agreement with the partner university prior to travel.

Selection Criteria

The Selection Panel will favour applications which:

  • Demonstrate the applicant is a high-performing PhD candidate.
  • Have a clear link to at least one of the identified disciplines in health and medicine, and will advance Western’s standing in that discipline.
  • Meet the defined parameters for a partner university and demonstrate how the program will support Western in building a partnership with that university.

The selection panel and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation will have discretion to select applicants which are in the best interest of Western, including ensuring a broad representation of disciplines and partner universities.


Complete the Western to the World Application Form, DOCX, 34.19 KB (opens in a new window) including your Statement of Claim. Applications should be sent to THRI@westernsydney.edu.au


For further information, please contact James Kemp, Chief Operating Officer of the Translational Health Research Institute, c/- THRI at THRI@westernsydney.edu.au.

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Applications have closed for 2019

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