Children's Health & Wellbeing


TeEACH aims to improve health and learning outcomes for children, commencing with the antenatal period and continuing to child age 8 years.


Current Research

Upholding the right to cultural connection for children in care.

  • Chief Investigators: A/Prof Rebekah Grace (WSU), A/Prof Amy Wright (University of Sydney), Prof Manjula Waniganayake (Macquarie University), Dr Pooja Sawrikar (Griffith University), Dr Stacy Blythe (WSU), Dr Fay Hadley (Macquarie University)
  • Partner Investigators: Ms Kathy Karatasas (Settlement Service’s International Limited)
  • Partner organisations: Settlement Services International Limited, Key Assets The Children’s Services Provider (Australia) Limited, Barnardos Australia, MacKillop Family Services Limited, Anglicare NSW South NSW West and ACT, Challenge Community Services, Wesley Mission, Children Australia Inc

A positive sense of cultural identity is critical to wellbeing, yet children in out-of-home care often lose their cultural identities and connections. There is little evidence to guide out-of-home care agencies to support a culturally meaningful foster care placement for non-Indigenous culturally and linguistically diverse children. This project tests promising practices identified by the partner organisations and research literature to produce an exemplary model of cultural care, with input from children, carers and birth families. Trial implementation in the partner organisations will inform guidelines and recommendations so that the model can inform policy and practice in out-of-home care across Australia.