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Music enlivens us in ways that other media cannot, contributing to our health and wellbeing.  Music can be used in many ways in our everyday life, in planned and unplanned ways.

We see this as a continuum of environment, personal, community and planned uses of music, as we show in our new continuum model: 

MuH continuum model

Music and Health

Presenting.. Sounding out!

Read more about our continuum model here, and our new WSU-wide White Paper:

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Partner with us!

From our base in Western Sydney, we are in a unique and powerful position to consolidate our extensive knowledge, research and expertise and to harness this as a sustainable resource to benefit local, national and international communities. We possess the demonstrated capacity and willingness to partner with eager and interested stakeholders, across many fields of endeavour, to ensure that all people can benefit from the many applications of music to health and wellbeing.



Some current projects:

  • Music, music therapy and IVF treatment (Dr Alison Short)
  • Music and aged care, benefits of making music (Dr Jennifer MacRitchie)
  • Investigating the use of visual schedules within music therapy practice (Allison Fuller, doctoral candidate)

Our publications

  • More information coming soon

Music for Life

Find out about our interests

We are currently using music and music therapy to work with Fertility Specialist, Dr Natasha Andreadis. Find our joint podcast (opens in a new window)

Our upcoming events

Launch of the “Sounding Out” WSU-wide White Paper – coming soon!

Physical and Emotional Stress and Recovery: Applications of music and imagery in healthcare, 19th June, 2020. One day workshop, WSU Liverpool. Register now (opens in a new window)

Intensive Undergraduate Summer Unit 102248 “Music and Wellbeing”, January, 2021 Find out more (opens in a new window)


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Dr Alison Short:

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We are pleased to partner with the SWSLHD Health and Arts Reference Group and the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre with appointed membership. Download the Strategic Plan for supporting health and arts (opens in a new window) in this region.