Fire Across the Land - Historical Trauma, Impact of Residential Schools & Colonization

WhenFriday 7 October 2022
LocationOnline via Zoom
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Join us for this 3-hour interactive workshop that will explore the impacts of Colonization and the Residential school system on First Nations people of Turtle Island (Canada and USA).

The workshop will:

  • Be interactive and requires audience participation.
  • Have the audience represent our people before and after colonization.
  • Allow the audience to feel how our families, children and communities were wounded spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically as a result of colonization.
  • Allow the audience to feel the Inter-generational impacts on the individuals, families, and communities.
  • Show how we began to think (our beliefs) and view the world as a result of colonization.
  • As a result of this new worldview, how we started to behave in it and how these behaviors may be preventing us from living happy and healthy lives.

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Facilitator: Brad Marsden

Brad Marsden was raised on the Gitsegukla Indian Reserve of the Gitksan Nation in Northern British Columbia, Canada. He is an inter-generational survivor of the Residential school system in Canada and is now a Residential school counselor and workshop facilitator.

Brad’s goal is to help his people move forward in their lives through increasing awareness of the historical Residential school system and the effects that it continues to have on First Nations communities of Turtle Island (Canada and the USA) today.