Study Smart

The Library Study Smart website is your one stop for quality self-help academic literacy resources such as assignment help, academic writing/referencing, numeracy, how to study for exams etc.

Library Study Smart Video

Study Smart is also available as interactive tutorials in vUWS.  All College students are automatically enrolled into the Study Smart vUWS site appearing under 'My vUWS Sites' list.

The Study, Money & Life Skills vUWS site will help you increase your learning potential, develop personal awareness and assist with skills to manage your finances.  It provides helpful information and resources for all students.  Find out how to:

  • Plan your studies, your time and prioritise your commitments
  • Prepare for exams to manage those nerves
  • Develop your public speaking skills
  • Work well in teams
  • Manage your finances
  • Develop savings goals using the online budget planner
  • Manage perfectionism
  • Maximising memory
  • Minimise procrastination
  • Manage stress
  • Boost your motivation