1. How do I see my timetable? 

You can create and access your timetable via Allocate+(opens in a new window)

2. When will I be able to see my timetable?

Allocate+ opens in read only mode for Term 2 at 10:00am on Tuesday 18 June 2019 to allow you to view class times.

Allocate+ will open in allocation adjustment mode for Term 2 at 12:00pm pm Friday 21 June 2019 to allow you to select class times.

After you have finished allocating to your classes, you will be able to view your complete timetable.

The following dates are planned Allocate+ outages, and it is recommended that for these days you take note of your class times and locations:

- Closed from 9:00am Thursday 4/07/19 until 10:00am Friday 5/07/19
- Closed from 9:30am Monday 15/07/19 until 10:00am Monday 15/07/19
- Closed from 9:30am Monday 29/07/19 until 10:00am Monday 29/07/19
- Closed from 9:30am Monday 5/08/19 until 10:00am Monday 5/08/19

3. I do not know how to allocate my classes. 

If you wish to plan ahead and preview different allocation combinations, the How to create a clash-free timetable guide will show you how. Please firstly ensure you are enrolled in the correct units.

If you are ready to allocate your classes, proceed to Tutorial Registration (Allocate+) (opens in a new window) and refer to the Allocate+ User Guide.

4. I can't allocate to all my classes.  What can I do?

Refer to the Allocate+ User Guide.

If you are still having problems, contact the Tutorial Registration Infoline on (02) 9852 5471 which is open 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday.

5. I want to allocate myself into a class but it is full.  Can you allocate me?  

Sometimes new classes are created or students move out of your desired class. You may monitor Allocate+ to see if any spaces open up for you, or contact the Tutorial Registration Infoline on (02) 9852 5471. 

6. I have work commitments.  May I change my timetable? 

You have the option to make changes yourself on Allocate+; however, a work commitment is not generally considered an extenuating circumstance which validates a timetable change request.