Exam Rules

  1. If you experience serious misadventure and cannot sit an exam, you must submit a special consideration form with evidence of the misadventure on the day of the exam, or as soon as possible thereafter.
    NOTE: Students should not make any paid employment and/or vacation travel arrangements that might interfere with attendance during the exam period.
  2. The following materials are not allowed at an examination
      a. textbooks and other reference materials unless authorised by the examiner
      b. motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets or other personal items
      c. notes of any kind including those written on rulers or calculator covers
      d. electronic dictionaries, programmable calculators (unless authorised by the examiner) and text retrievable devices
      e. pencil cases
      f. blank paper, notepads or any other material whether or not related to the examination
  3. You must present your student id card before entering the exam and place the ID card on your desk for the duration of the exam.
  4. All mobile phones and electronic devices must be turned off and must be placed face up on the student's desk, visible to the supervisor at all times.
  5. Students cannot enter the exam later the 30 minutes after the commencement of writing.
  6. Students cannot leave the exam until 30 minutes has elapsed from the commencement of writing.  
  7. Students cannot leave the exam room during the final 10 minutes of the exam.