The College: My Journey Lge 

The College: My Journey To Success

By Wing Hong Fu

I always found English challenging because even though I've been in Australia since I was four, I was born in Hong Kong and my primary language was Cantonese. My English marks at school meant I was always placed in the lower classes, and I spent the majority of my high school days messing around and playing computer games.

Receiving an ATAR of 48 was a real shock to the system, and I realised I'd have to work hard and actually focus on something if I wanted to make my life worthwhile. I've always been interested in the way people think and how the mind works, so psychology seemed like a good option, but I didn't have the marks or the academic skills to do the degree.

I knew I'd have to improve my vocabulary and learn to write really well, and The College's Academic English course provided the perfect opportunity. Even after taking Advanced English for the HSC in an attempt to develop my language skills, I didn't see improvements like I did at The College – one of my biggest achievements so far has been receiving the Academically First In Course award and a Merit Scholarship from The College based on my good marks.

I was also struggling with a few things when I started, like leaving all my friends from school and balancing my part-time job with study. The scholarship allowed me to really focus on my work, and I found the smaller class sizes allowed me to have conversations with the people taking my course and make a really good group of friends. 

Courses at The College are structured in a way that allows students to learn and grow in a small and supportive environment, and I think it gives everyone the opportunity to thrive. Through the help and guidance of my teachers, I was able to discover my own strengths and weaknesses, learn self-motivation, and develop discipline and study techniques I can use for the rest of my professional life.

So far I've completed the third year of my Bachelor of Psychology and have been accepted in to the fourth year non-specialist course. I'm still working toward completing fourth year Honours, followed by a Masters or PhD so I can work as a registered Clinical Psychologist, and I'm very proud of how far I've come.

The College: My Journey to Success Cnt 

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