We believe in you. Do you?

We know there's much more to you than an ATAR. If you're determined to succeed, and ready for some hard work, we can help you find a pathway to the degree you want. Our university pathway programs at The College are all about setting you up for success.

You'll learn in a nurturing, supportive environment, while being challenged to reach your full potential.

We don't want anything to get in your way. So we think it's important to know we're one of the few pathway providers offering HECS-HELP.

Find out more about our Foundation courses or Diplomas and Extended Diplomas.

Here are just a few of our success stories.

Michelle Cherino

"If you're unsure about the path to uni, The College could be your next step."

Michelle Cherono

It's never easy to figure out what to do after high school, but when you go to a different country, it's even more complicated. The College helped Michelle make sense of it all. Read More

Matthew Boileau

"I refuse to let a low ATAR destroy my dream."

Matthew Boileau

Matt could have been derailed by a disappointing HSC result. Instead, he reached out to The College. Now he's back on track. Read more

Afifa Fahez

"Your ATAR doesn't determine your future. You do."

Afifa Fahez

A low ATAR could have crushed Afifa's future plans. But when a thoughtful cousin told her about The College, it was a very different story. Read More

Bernard Musry

"Don't let anything come between you and the chance to learn."

Bernie Musry

When Bernie decided he'd had enough of a dull job, The College opened the doors to a wider world. He's still amazed by the experience. Read More