Scholarships at The College

Opportunity Scholarship

The College at Western is dedicated to making your dream to study at university a reality. Our Opportunity Scholarship is designed to assist students in the Western Sydney region who face economic, social or other disadvantages which make university participation difficult.


The scholarship is only available to Australian citizens and permanent residents of Australia.


Any course offered by The College


Successfully recipients will be awarded $5,000 per one year

Selection Criteria

Applicants must:

  1. Receive an offer to study at The College in a University Foundation Studies or Diploma program
  2. Demonstrate financial or other hardship
  3. Complete a personal statement indicating how the scholarship will assist you with your studies and future career

Please note, preference may be given to students residing in Western Sydney.

Application and Selection Process

To apply for the Opportunity Scholarship, please complete the Application Form and lodge by Friday, 15 February 2019. Please refer to the form for information on how to submit your application. Late applications will not be considered.

The Selection Committee will decide on the recipient of the scholarship based on consideration of the information and supporting evidence in this application and if required, an interview. The decision of the Selection Committee is final.