Living In Western Sydney

Living at The College means living among one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country. With a variety of shopping centres, plazas, cinemas, apartments, entertainment venues, restaurants and cafés popping around our campuses, there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the Western Sydney community.

Whether you're looking to stay at Nirimba, Paramatta, Westmead, Penrith or Bankstown, there are a range of accommodation options to suit your lifestyle and budget, giving you every opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich and vibrant learning environment.

On Campus

With a range of activities, sporting facilities, indoor and outdoor entertainment, living on campus at Western Sydney University is a great opportunity to meet a range of people from different cultures, make new friends and sink in to the next phase of your life. Visit the Western Sydney University Village website to find out more about living on campus.

Off Campus

If you want to live near but not on campus, or you missed the living on campus application cut-off date, there are always alternative options around the Western Sydney region. To look for rental accommodation in your area, we recommend websites such as or Domain.