Western Sydney University The College

The UWS Enterprises Board of Directors comprises Senior Executives from Western Sydney University and independent external Directors with relevant expertise. The Directors support the strategic intent and Governance of The College.

Belinda Robinson

Chief Executive Officer
Ms Nicolene Murdoch

Executive Director, Academic Studies
Mr Anthony Mitri

Company Secretary
Wendy Barker

Angelo Kourtis - Non-executive
Simon Barrie - Non-executive
Michele Simons - Non-executive
Ramy Aziz - Non-executive (Independent)                                                                                                   
Caroline Hutchinson - Non-executive (Independent)
Robin Shreeve - Non-executive (Independent)

Quality Assurance

The College Risk and Quality Assurance Committee is responsible for the recommendations regarding The College risk profile, risk mitigation and evidence-based approach to quality assurance.

Policies and Procedures

For access to academic forms, as well as copies of The College policies and procedures, please see Policies and Procedures.