Everything we do is dedicated to your success.

Our Vision

With a vision towards transforming lives, The College provides opportunities for school-leavers and mature-age students to participate and thrive in higher education. 

What We Do

The College offers students a pathway to university study through its comprehensive range of University Foundation Studies, Diploma programs and English Language courses for domestic and international students. The College draws upon 18 years of experience and is committed to three underlying principles of growth and diversity – multiple locations, multiple products, and multiple modes of delivery.

Building Our Community

Located in the heart of one of Australia's fastest-growing economic regions, The College is committed to unlocking the potential of the Western Sydney community, regardless of background or prior education, and places emphasis on strong partnerships and investments in infrastructure and innovation.

The College is constantly working to provide new study options, pathways programs and support services to ensure all students in the Western Sydney region have access to a world-class education, and works with local businesses and industry leaders to develop courses that focus on preparing graduates for the global workforce.

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Growth & Diversity

The College has grown exponentially over the last five years and intends to maintain that growth through diversifying our offerings and widening participation levels by supporting the University in pathway areas such as RTO initiatives, pre-degree studies and foundation programs. Western Sydney University is one of the most culturally diverse universities in Australia with more than 100 cultural and ethnic backgrounds represented in our student community and over 20 percent of staff coming from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

International Connections

Internationalisation is at the heart of the University's mission, offering opportunities for world-class academics to contribute to a vibrant teaching and research culture. International partnerships and research secures our success in a fast-moving, highly-networked and competitive environment.

As a world-class provider of English Language Programs, The College maintains close ties with tertiary institutions in the Asia-Pacific region, Kenya and the Maldives to not only explore and promote new methods of teaching and learning, but to give offshore students the opportunity to participate in our globally-recognised English Language Programs.

These collaborations have proven to be extremely successful in developing tailored curriculums to an international market, and providing professional development programs to international teachers and academics. By 2020, Western Sydney University will be internationally recognised as a dynamic university attracting quality students and staff from all over the world and The College will continue to service the University's international programs.