If you would like to cancel your IELTS test or request to have your test date changed, you must contact us five weeks prior to your test date. An administrative fee of AU$82.50 applies to all refunds and transfers.

No refunds or transfers will be awarded without five weeks' notice.

What If I'm Unable To Attend My Test?

Depending on your scenario, you may be able to get a refund or transfer to another date.

Refunds: Refunds are not normally given for failure to attend a test, and will only be considered in the following cases:

  • Hospitalisation (serious illness or injury)
  • Bereavement (loss of a close family member)
  • Trauma (victim of crime)
  • Military service

If your refund is denied, you may be offered another test date upon payment of a transfer fee. Please read the Refund/Transfer Request Information for Candidates (PDF, 128.49 KB) for more information.

Transfer To Another Date
If you are unable to attend your test date due to serious illness, you may transfer to another date. If you have a medical reason for not attending your test, your Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer Form (PDF, 63.6 KB) must be completed by your doctor and include the medical practice's stamp, accompanied by a medical certificate and original receipt.

To be eligible for either a change of test date or a refund, you must provide the following items to the IELTS test centre no later than five days after the test date:

Once you submit the transfer request to us and are instructed to pay for the transfer fee, you can then make the payment (AUD$82.50) online via OneStop. Please make sure you talk to us first before you make the payment.


You may choose to have your IELTS test re-marked within six weeks after the test date. To apply for a re-mark and for further information, please review the EOR Re-mark Form PDF, 157.17 KB, then print, complete and scan it to Please do not send enquiries to this email address; only send completed re-mark applications. Write the email subject using only your full name and test date as follows: "SURNAME, Given Name - DD/MM/YY".

The re-mark application fee is A$176 and you can make the payment online via OneStop.

Re-mark results will be returned within six to eight weeks. You will be notified via email when your result is available.

Contact Us

For any enquiries not answered please free to contact us by phone +61 2 9685 9709 or email