Refugee Scholarship

The Refugee Scholarship provides assistance to refugees in gaining English Language entry requirements to commence study in The College programs or Western Sydney University in keeping with The College social responsibility values.

Selection Criteria

To be considered for The College Refugee Scholarship, you must:

  • Be able to satisfy the visa eligibility requirements (see information below)
  • Be able to supply evidence that you satisfy the academic requirements for study at Western Sydney University
  • Have a clear study pathway plan to Western Sydney University
  • Be able to attend English classes at Sydney Olympic Park on a full-time basis
  • Must have completed CSWE 3/4 level of English or have an IELTS 4.5 level of English or equivalent in The
    College test
  • Submit a written personal statement (see information below)
  • Provide supporting materials (see information below)
  • Be able to attend an interview with the scholarship Selection Committee
    be able to satisfy the visa eligibility requirements (see information below)


Applicants for the Refugee Scholarship must have been living in Australia for five years or less and currently hold, or previously have held, one of the following visas:

  • Refugee Visa (Subclass 200)
  • In-country Special Humanitarian Program Visa (Subclass 201)
  • Global Special Humanitarian Program Visa ("SHP") (Subclass 202)
  • Emergency Rescue Visa (Subclass 203)
  • Woman at Risk Visa (Subclass 204)
  • Protection Visa (Subclass 866)

Other Considerations

These students will have university study as their goal and the scholarship would provide an effective support to enable students to realise their potential in the wider community.


First quarter of each academic year.


The College English Language Program (EAP).


English classes valued at up to $12,000


Maximum 40 weeks of English


Personal Statement

In approximately 200 words, applicants should describe their past education and work experience, their future plans and their reasons for wanting to study at Western Sydney University. Applicants may also include other information that would support their scholarship application.

Supporting Materials

Applicants for this scholarship will need to provide the following supporting materials:

  • A current curriculum vitae
  • Evidence of completion CSWE 3/4 level of English or IELTS 4.5 level of English
  • Evidence of previous studies and academic eligibility for study at Western Sydney University
  • Contact details of two current referees, preferably professional

Application Form

Applications are now open and will close on Friday 21 February 2020. To complete and submit your application form, please click here.