Our Students

Taking your place in the world as a future leader is what we focus on at The Academy. Our view is that the leaders who will make a real difference are multi-dimensional human beings who are highly evolved in heart, mind and soul.

The Academy's unique assembly of highly regarded stakeholders is made up of community leaders, social change agents, leading thinkers and high-achieving students, past and present. Their willingness to sustain and contribute to students of The Academy is a tribute to their vision for the future as well as their spirit of generosity.

Integrating The Academy's opportunities and disciplines into your chosen degree rather than having them as 'add-ons' enhances the belief that leadership is best understood and realised through relationships and participation. Indeed, this view of what constitutes real leadership is what has led to the most innovative and revolutionary thinking in the last decade.

The Academy is proud to offer this extraordinary combination of life and learning skills to its students.