The Three Pillars of The Academy

1. Academic Rigour

  • Four specific extension level units focusing on ethics, leadership, creativity and service learning
  • Cross-disciplinary environment
  • Events focusing on exposure to world-class research and researchers, teachers and experts.

Students from all disciplines discuss issues such as the ethics of citizenship, the changing nature of globalisation and how to deal with the aspects involved in a world of uncertainty.

The complex natures of leadership, entrepreneurship, design and ethics are examined in workshops that go beyond the standard lecture/tutorial model, providing invaluable forums for intellectual exploration and expression.

2. Professional and Personal Development

  • Professional development seminars and experiences including communication skills, success planning, and leadership workshops
  • Internship opportunities
  • Personalised career planning
  • International and local conference travel
  • Innovation labs

A leader will only become a great leader if he or she is also skilled in emotional, psychological, social and inter-personal development. To build and enhance these qualities, you will be working in a cross-disciplinary context that will expose you to some of the University's world-class researchers in culture and society, engineering, human and biological sciences and environmental studies.

You will also be offered value-added workshops and seminars such as preparing for interviews, success and career planning, developing emotional intelligence and communication across cultures.

3. Community Engagement

  • Service learning and volunteering opportunities
  • Student-led community-focused projects
  • Applied leadership experience

The Academy helps you identify your passions and interests, and to connect and gain exposure with relevant organisations, locally and internationally.

The Academy is unique to Western Sydney University. It offers high-achieving students opportunities to gain the intellectual, emotional and practical skills needed in a world that is moving and changing at an unprecedented rate.

Focusing on ethical leadership within an inter-disciplinary environment, The Academy offers extension-level academic experiences and a range of professional and personal development workshops that extend well beyond the classroom and its traditional ways of learning.

A 'hands on' approach to projects, initiatives and internships engages students directly with their communities and external organisations, while a supportive environment ensures that intellectual growth is accompanied by personal growth.