The Academy Degree

The Bachelor of Applied Leadership and Critical Thinking (BALCT)

Hone your talents for critical thinking, creativity and analysis. This course is underpinned by internships, international and transformative educational experiences, student-led projects and local community engagement. Emerge with a sound balance of theory, practical experiences and critical thinking skills – so you can take your career further than you ever dreamed possible.

Be ready for future challenges and opportunities yet to be imagined. The Bachelor of Applied Leadership and Critical Thinking (BALCT) is not a stand-alone degree, it can be combined with any Bachelor degree at Western. Enrolling in the BALCT guarantees entry into The Academy.

Gain the skills you need to thrive within our increasingly complex world, including expanding your thinking styles and growing your personal ethical approach to leadership. Explore and harness your creativity. Nurture your passion for innovation and analysis.

The BALCT consists of 8 units which can be taken after you complete your Bachelor degree as an additional year of study, during Summer sessions* or in block mode prior to the commencement of the Autumn and Spring sessions. This degree is not compulsory, but we encourage students who want to feel challenged, and who are looking to 'stand-out' from their peers, to enrol in the program.

Course Structure

The course structure is outlined in the BALCT Handbook. Here you can view all of the units (subjects) you will be studying.

*not all units are available during Summer sessions

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