Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Academy?

The Academy is an exciting opportunity that will provide high-achieving students with a unique learning experience and the confidence to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. With a focus on ethical leadership, our students will be provided with extension level academic study experiences, professional and personal development workshops, and a range of engagement projects, initiatives and internships taking them into the community and beyond.

Why should I join The Academy?

The opportunities provided by The Academy will allow students to graduate with so much more than just their degree. They will be ahead of their peers in terms of professional, personal and academic experiences and will be ready to hit the ground running in terms of their career and plans for their future.

The Academy has gained a reputation among industry employers and graduate recruiters whereby students graduating with ‘The Academy Citizen Scholar’ on their AHEGS will be looked upon favourably when trying to secure employment. The Academy also provides Learning Zones which are part member common rooms/social spaces and part study spaces at Kingswood, Parramatta, Hawkesbury, Bankstown and Campbelltown.

How do i join The Academy?

There are various ways to become a member of The Academy.

New commencing students:1. Membership is automatically granted to:
  • Students enrolled in an Advanced Degree/Deans Scholars Degree
  • Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Leadership and Critical Thinking (BALCT)
  • Academy Access Award recipients
  • Academy Global Leaders Program members

2. Students with an ATAR of 90+, who are not studying an Advanced Degree, will receive an invitation to join The Academy prior to the start of the academic year.

Current Western Sydney University students:

Invitations to join The Academy are sent to undergraduate students who:

  • Achieved a GPA of 5.5 in the preceding semester, and
  • Have at least 50 credit points remaining on their undergraduate degree

Students must maintain a GPA of 5.5 to remain a member of The Academy.

How does The Academy communicate with members?

We use several forms of communication to make sure that members are aware of all of the upcoming opportunities, workshops, events and overseas experiences. We have a weekly e-newsletter called 'Inside the A' which is emailed to members each Tuesday. We have our public Facebook page for announcements, and our members-only Facebook page for chats, discussions and more information.

Are The Academy activities and opportunities compulsory?

No. All members of The Academy have a choice to opt-in to participate in the events, workshops and opportunities that interest them.

Does joining The Academy change my course status?

No. Joining The Academy does not change your degree status.

How many credit points do I need to complete the BALCT degree?

For students enrolled in eligible degrees at WSU, The Academy recognises 160 credit points from their degree as advanced standing in the BALCT degree. This means that in the BALCT, students have to complete only 8 units to graduate from the BALCT as well as their other degree.

Is the BALCT compulsory for Academy members?

This degree is not compulsory, but we encourage students who desire the intellectual and professional challenge, and who are looking to ‘stand-out’ from their peers, to enrol in the program.

What is the Citizen Scholar Program and how do I join?

The Citizen Scholar Award is designed to enable students to graduate as active and engaged citizens as well as life-long learners.

The program covers personal wellbeing, professional development, community engagement and global citizenship. Students have been involved in programs such as the Reading Ambassador Program, SDSN Youth Network and internships with local not for profit organisations such as St Vincent de Paul Society, Cancer Council and Western Sydney Community Forum.

This hands-on experience fosters strengths of humanity, empathy and teamwork, as well as facilitating the realisation of your dreams.

Is there a cost to join the Academy ?

There is no cost to be part of the Academy. Students are invited to apply for the various funded opportunities that the Academy offers that are advertised via our communication channels.