Bachelor of Engineering (WSTC First Year Program)

If you have completed the Bachelor of Engineering (WSTC First Year Program) [7033], Bachelor of Engineering Extended (WSTC First Year Program) [7082] or Bachelor of Engineering Fast Track (WSTC First Year Program) [7095] with Western Sydney University, The College you have guaranteed entry into the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) or Bachelor of Engineering Science and you will have 80 credit points applied to your University record, this is equivalent to one year of full time study in credit.

Credit details for the Bachelor of Engineering (WSTC First Year Program)
Pathways codeDegreeCredit grantedCredit details
15L0023 (7033)
15L0027 (7082)
16L0164 (7095)
Bachelor of Engineering  (Honours) 374080 credit points
(240 credit points remain)

Pathway to BEng(Honours) credit details

15L0025 (7033)
15L0029 (7082)
16L0165 (7095)
Bachelor of Engineering Science 369180 credit points
(160 credit points remain)
Pathway to BEngSc credit details

Next steps for current students:

  1. Complete section 1 and 2 of the enrolment process, as detailed on the How do I enrol webpage(opens in a new window)
  2. Claim your Pathways credit online(opens in a new window)
  3. Continue from section 3 of the enrolment process.

If there is no pathway listed from your completed qualification to your chosen degree, please instead lodge an application for Advanced Standing(opens in a new window) to be assessed for potential credit.

Credit details for Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Engineering Science:

  • 10cp - 300743 Mathematics for Engineers Preliminary
  • 10cp - 200237 Mathematics for Engineers 1
  • 10cp - 300021 Electrical Fundamentals
  • 10cp - 300027 Engineering Computing
  • 10cp - 300463 Fundamentals of Mechanics
  • 10cp - 300965 Engineering Materials
  • 10cp - 300964 Introduction to Engineering Practice
  • 10cp - 300963 Engineering Physics