TAFENSW Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care (Birth – 5 Years)

This pathway is specifically designed for graduates of the TAFENSW (WSI) Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care (Birth – 5 Years)(opens in a new window) choosing to pursue studies in the Western Sydney University Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years, Birth - 12 Years) and teach in a primary school setting.

Following completion of the TAFE BECEC degree, you have guaranteed entry into the Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years, Birth - 12 Years) and you will have 100 credit points applied to your University record, this is over one year of full time study in credit. The specified units of credit for this pathway are detailed below, along with the subsequent recommended pattern of study.

Please note: students will be required to enrol in a prescribed 4 units additional to the Master's program, to ensure AITSL(opens in a new window) and BOSTES(opens in a new window) requirements are met. Details of these units are also outlined below. You should contact the Academic Course Advisor before selecting and enrolling in your units.

Credit details for the TAFENSW Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care (Birth – 5 Years)
Pathway codeDegreeCredit grantedCredit details


Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years, Birth - 12 Years) 1783100 credit points
(140 credit points remain)
Pathway to MTeach(Bir-5/Bir-12) credit details

* If the provider you studied with is not listed here you may instead be eligible for an informal pathway. Please see the How Pathways Work section of our site for further information.

Next steps for current students:

  1. Complete section 1 and 2 of the enrolment process, as detailed on the How do I enrol webpage(opens in a new window)
  2. Claim your Pathways credit online(opens in a new window)
  3. Continue from section 3 of the enrolment process.

If there is no pathway listed from your completed qualification to your chosen degree, please instead lodge an application for Advanced Standing(opens in a new window) to be assessed for potential credit.

Credit details for the Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years, Birth - 12 Years):

  • 10cp - 101625 Inclusive Practices
  • 10cp - 101899 Introduction to Pedagogical Leadership
  • 10cp - 102100 Research and Professional Practice
  • 10cp - 102101 Diverse Literacies
  • 10cp - 102102 Children, Families, Communities
  • 10cp - 102103 Community Leadership
  • 10cp - 102107 Practising Pedagogical Leadership
  • 10cp - 102108 Leadership and Management
  • 10cp - 102109 Professional Experience Birth – 2 Years
  • 10cp - 102110 Professional Experience 3-5 Years

Recommended Pattern of Study for the Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years, Birth - 12 Years):

  • 10cp - 102104 Theorising Play
  • 10cp - 102105 Creative Teaching and Learning
  • 10cp - 102106 People, Place and Pedagogy
  • 10cp - 101803 Literacy in the Early Years
  • 10cp - 101105 Prosocial Learning Environments
  • 10cp - 101802 Investigating with Mathematics, Science and Technology
  • 10cp - 101580 Primary Mathematics and Numeracy 1
  • 10cp - 101583 Primary Science & Technology
  • 10cp - 101586 Primary English and Literacy 2
  • 10cp - 102111 Professional Experience K - 6

To meet AITSL and BOSTES requirements, students must undertake an additional 40cps of study. These units can be completed prior to, during or after 1783 Master of Teaching (Birth - 5 Years/Birth – 12 Years) units.

Student must successfully complete:

  • 10cp - 100846 Analytical Reading and Writing
  • 10cp - 102249 Mathematical Patterns and Relationships

Then, select two units from the following:

  • 10cp - 100960 Contemporary Society
  • 10cp - 100968 Texts and Traditions
  • 10cp - 100958 Australia and the World
  • 10cp - 102208 Fundamentals of Working Mathematically
  • 10cp - 102209 Scientific Discovery and Invention

OR two units* from one of the relevant Bachelor of Arts specialisations (please consult the Handbook(opens in a new window) for detailed unit lists associated with the below):

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Cultural and Social Analysis
  • English
  • Indonesian
  • History and Political Thought
  • Indigenous Australian Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Japanese
  • Linguistics
  • Psychological Studies

* If selecting a unit/s from one of the above specialisations, please review the individual Handbook(opens in a new window) entries prior to enrolling to ensure any pre-requisites are met.

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