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Academic Pathways Framework document (staff login required)

A series of frequently asked questions are included below to assist university staff with queries. If your query is not answered here, please contact Academic Pathways.

Where can I find information about what TE pathways are available?

There are two search tools you can use, one is a Search University Courses and the other a Search VET Courses. If you cannot find a pathway that you think should be included please contact us.

What if a provider contacts me directly about setting up a pathway?

Either contact Academic Pathways to provide us with the details of the provider or advise the enquirer of how to make contact with us directly. Alternatively, please direct the enquirer to the Information for Providers page of this site.

What if I think a pathway needs to be established for a particular qualification?

We are always open to establishing new pathways, please contact us and we will arrange for the commencement of the first stage of negotiations.

What if I receive a qualification to assess for credit that is not listed as an available pathway?

These applications need to be individually assessed, using the standard Advanced Standing (opens in a new window) processes. If the qualification is very close to one already covered by a formal pathway the credit in that pathway may serve as a guide in the assessment process, but use of that credit is to the discretion of the staff member assessing the individual application.

How do I advise students to claim their credit for a listed pathways qualification?

Please direct students to the Claim your credit section of this website.

Can a student use the pathways credit e-form if their provider is not listed as preferred partner?

Yes, providing their qualification is listed as a pathway and the National Course Code of their course corresponds to that listed in the pathways information on this site.

If the partner is not on our preferred partner list how do we know the qualification is of the accepted and expected standard to award credit?

All pathways listed with a National Course Code are delivered from a National Training package under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). This framework is regulated, and designed to achieve consistent standards of quality of delivery and learning outcomes, regardless of the specific provider. Registration and compliance of providers is regularly reviewed and monitored by ASQA (opens in a new window).

What is the difference between a National Course Code and a Pathways Code?

The National Code is derived from the National Training Package/s. Each industry has its own National Training Package and these are the course identifiers with the VET providers. The Pathways Code is an internally generated code that is used to record and manage TE pathways at this institution. It is the code that is used by students to claim their credit and links to e-forms and Callista for automating the credit processing system.

How does the e-form system check that a student has the completed pathways qualification they are claiming credit for?

This data is collected by UAC and uploaded to our systems when the student is made an offer. A series of automated validations occur to cross check all criteria of the pathway have been met before the credit is processed and awarded.

Why does the website show older TE pathway qualifications as well as current versions?

We try and maintain recent superseded versions of the training package qualification as well as the current version so students who have completed their tertiary education course in the last few years still have the benefit of the pathway and are recognised for these studies

What if I believe a pathway needs review or updating?

Please contact Academic Pathways and advise which pathway you would like revisited and why.

What if a student has an overseas tertiary qualification?

These need to be assessed individually and the student should be directed to the application for Advanced Standing process. The exception is that the International Office may have negotiated a pathway, if you suspect this to be the case please contact them directly.

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