infuse HOPE Online Workshop - Wedenesday 15 September 2021

Research Week 2021TeEACH is excited to be hosting an event with leading researchers from the Tufts Medical Centre HOPE Network (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences). You are invited to explore with us the health outcomes of positive experiences.

15 September, 2021 | 8AM AEST

The science: Builds upon a growing body of research showing how positive childhood experiences drive healthy development and mitigate the effects of adverse ones.

The four building blocks of hope: Key positive childhood experiences that help children grow into healthy, resilient adults and how our communities and our systems of care can provide access to them.

The mindshift: Focus beyond ACEs to deepen our understanding and empathy, foster trust among families, and nurture anti-racist thinking to serve everyone without stigma.

Facilited by: Professor Robert Sege and Dr Dina Burnstein