Study Smart Officers

Library Study Smart Officers can help you with your academic writing and study skills. This is a SSAF-funded service so it’s free to you. Officers are available face-to-face for 20-minute sessions at your campus library during the following times in Summer:

  • Bankstown: Monday 6th January - Friday 7th February
  • Liverpool, Parramatta South and PCC: Monday 20th January - Friday 7th February
    SSAF Funded

To help you make the most of your time, we use a virtual queue management system called QLess. Find instructions for joining the queue below.

Your officer might suggest you are referred for a personalised skills development session - feel free to ask them about it.

Check the FAQs (opens in a new window) to find out what you need to prepare for your Study Smart Officer visit and check what type of help a Study Smart Officer can give you.

How to join the virtual queue

On the day you would like to visit a Study Smart Advisor, join the queue online by selecting your campus from the drop-down list below. Then:

  1. Enter your name and mobile number.
  2. You will receive a text message when it's your turn.

You can also download the QLess queue app from Google Play (opens in a new window) or iTunes (opens in a new window).

Study Smart Officer hours at each campus


Click to join today's Bankstown queue.

Study Smart will resume at Bankstown in Autumn 2020.


Click to join today's Campbelltown queue.

Study Smart will resume at Campbelltown in Autumn 2020.


Click to join today's Hawkesbury queue.

Study Smart will resume at Hawkesbury in Autumn 2020.


Click to join today's Kingswood queue.

Study Smart will resume at Kingswood in Autumn 2020.


Click to join today's Liverpool queue.

Study Smart will resume at Liverpool in Autumn 2020.


Click to join today's Nirimba queue.

Study Smart will resume at Campbelltown in Autumn 2020.

Parramatta South

Click to join today's Parramatta South queue.

Study Smart will resume at Parramatta South in Autumn 2020.

Parramatta City

Click to join today's Parramatta City queue.

Study Smart will resume at Parramatta City in Autumn 2020.

Last updated: Monday 10th February, 2020

Role of the Study Smart Officer

Study Smart Officers do:

Study Smart Officers do not:

Work with you to help develop new academic reading and writing skills, and to develop new techniques for interpreting assignment questions

Tell you how to answer an assignment question

Help you learn how to spot and fix errors in your writing

Proofread or edit your work

Provide tips for planning your assignment

Give you a plan for your assignment

Advise on how to structure your assignment

Advise on subject specific information

Show you techniques for developing a convincing academic argument

Write sentences or paragraphs for you