Study Smart Zone

During Spring 2020, our Study Smart and MESH services are available via Zoom only. You can ask for assignment feedback, writing advice, check your referencing and citation knowledge, or get help with maths and stats.

Check below for details of how to access each service.

Get help with:

Assignments and academic writing.

Meet with a Study Smart Officer via Zoom. View Study Smart Officer hours.

  • Get writing feedback on your assignment draft.
  • Learn tips to analyse and interpret assignment questions.
  • Get advice on assignment planning & structure.
  • Learn techniques for developing a convincing academic argument.
  • Develop your academic reading and writing skills.
  • Find exam and preparation tips.

Searching, referencing & citation skills.

Meet with a Study Smart Librarian via Zoom. View Study Smart Librarian hours here (opens in new window).

  • Learn the correct way to reference and cite your sources.
  • Learn advanced searching tips to find the best information for your assignments.
  • Go beyond Google and get the edge.
  • Learn tips to evaluate, store and manage information efficiently for study.

Maths and stats.

Meet with a MESH Advisor via Zoom.

Maths and stats help is provided by the Mathematics Education Support Hub (MESH) and is available during semester. View MESH Advisor hours here (opens in new window).

  • Get maths, stats and numeracy support.
  • Revise or ‘brush-up’ on your basic maths skills.
  • Understand and use the mathematics needed for your assignments and studies.
  • Develop your statistical skills.