Group work

There's no getting around it: working with others is a key part of life. For this reason, university subjects often include group activities in class and group work for assessment purposes. Working in teams also means that you can get more done than working alone. It's important to learn to work in a group both for success in your studies and for future jobs.

Keep your group assignment on track using the Study Smart Assignment Calculator (opens in a new window).

Grid for assigning tasks (opens in a new window)In this PDF you'll find a useful template for assigning tasks within the group.PDF icon image
Communication and conflicts (opens in a new window) In this PDF you'll find tips for communicating effectively with your peers and addressing conflicts.PDF icon image
Group work 101 (opens in a new window) In this PDF you'll learn the basics of good group work.PDF icon image 
Project management (opens in a new window) In this PDF you'll learn the basic fundamentals to project manage your group assessment to completion.

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Writing together (opens in a new window)In this PDF you'll find practical tips on writing successfully as a group.PDF icon image
Team work 3-min guide (opens in a new window)In this 3-minute guide you'll find some handy tips for working in teams.PDF icon image
Team charter (opens in a new window)Use this team charter to help begin your team work.PDF icon image