Finishing and submitting

Once you've done all the research and written enough words, you'll probably feel like you've finished. But don't submit it yet! It's still a draft and probably won't be your best work until you've read through it a couple of times and made any corrections.

Make sure you don't sell yourself short by handing in an inferior version of your assignment. Check out these tips for improving your draft and handing in the best version of your assignment that you can.

Word processing (opens in a new window) In this PDF you'll find useful tips on using a word processor to write and format your assessments.PDF icon image 

Editing (opens in a new window)

In this PDF you'll learn a 5-step approach to editing your work.

PDF icon image

Editing checklist (opens in a new window)Keep this interactive PDF handy to guide you through the editing process.PDF icon image
Proofreading (opens in a new window) In this PDF you'll learn the importance of proofreading and how to do it successfully.PDF icon image
Proofreading checklist (opens in a new window)

Keep this interactive PDF handy to guide you through the proofreading process

PDF icon image

See also the Library's resources for students on using Turnitin (opens in a new window).

You will also want to check that your work has academic integrity. Use the Academic Integrity Checklist (PDF, 97 kb) to see if it is ready to submit, or whether you need to make any changes.