Report a Cheating Service

You can now report a cheating service to us by using the Report a Cheating Service Form.

Are you receiving posts from, or being followed by services offering help with assignments?

These services can only succeed if people use them. TEQSA is working to block academic cheating sites. As a student or staff member of Western Sydney University, you share responsibility to help reduce the negative impact that use of these services could have on your reputation and integrity, and the reputation and integrity of the university and our degrees.

This is an opportunity for you to contribute to a culture of academic integrity at Western by acting on the values of the Student Honour Code. Your action will help you to uphold the standards of the Student Code of Conduct (students) and Code of Conduct (staff).

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Block the user or site:
  2. Post your own message, or reply with a message to other users on how to block these sites and/or with a link to free services offered by the University, e.g. Library Study Smart.
  3. Report the site to the group admin or social media provider:
  4. If your group is affiliated with Western Sydney University, report the site to the group admin and to any staff connected with the group (e.g. if the group is for students in a school or a peer program, report to a staff member in your school or the Peer Programs team). All reports will be taken seriously and will be treated confidentially.
  5. If the message includes a link to a web site, report the site through the Report a Cheating Service Form. You can choose to make your report anonymous.
  6. If you need help with blocking or reporting users or messages on other social media sites, send a message to

Study Smart is here for you

If you need help with your assignments, don’t risk your degree by using unverified external services, including those using artificial intelligence to write assignments for you. Instead, access free University writing support from Library Study Smart and Studiosity.

Learn more about studying with integrity on the Library’s Study with Integrity pages. If you’re a new student, complete the Library’s Academic Integrity Module (AIM).

Find more information about contract cheating on the TEQSA website.