Report a Cheating Service

You can now report a cheating service to us by using the Report a Cheating Service Form.

If you need help with your assignments, don’t risk your degree by using unverified external services. Instead, access free support from Library Study Smart. You can book a one-to-one Zoom consultation with a literacy expert. You can discuss how to develop your assignment writing and study skills or seek assistance to understand referencing and citation requirements. Check the Library Study Smart website for how to study guides and tools. You can also upload your assignment draft to Studiosity within vUWS to receive writing feedback within 24 hours.

‘Working with another person to gain an unfair advantage in assessment’ is potentially a form of academic misconduct, so be careful to avoid situations that could put your studies and future professional reputation at risk. The Australian Government monitors the use of illegal cheating services, sometimes marketed as ‘study support’, and can report this to universities. You may also be at risk of being blackmailed by these services. Find more information on the TEQSA website.

If you have been directed to this page when trying to access a site from the university network, that means the site has been blocked by the university to protect your academic integrity. Sharing notes, assignments, assignment questions or exam questions on that site may lead to consequences under the Student Misconduct Rule. Learn more about studying with integrity on the Library’s Study with Integrity pages.