Information for Staff

The Library can help your students develop their academic literacy skills, and support you in your teaching and learning context. Find out more below.

To refer a student for an academic skills development session, complete this form. Please be aware that an automatic email will be sent to the student. It is important to have the student's consent prior to completing a referral.

"The Study Smart referral service enables students to build academic writing skills across multiple, one-on-one sessions that are tailor-made for the student.  As students learn, academic staff receive reports on student progress, enabling them to integrate and support learning in class. Through the referral service I have seen students make significant improvements.

(Dr Rachel Morley, Associate Dean, Engagement, SoHCA)

How can Study Smart assist my students?

Students’ support needs vary, and Study Smart offers a range of services to cover different kinds of assistance for individual students.

Study Smart Online, powered by Studiosity is embedded within your vUWS pages. But students can access face to face support as well.

The service includes face-to-face consultations (provided via Zoom during COVID-19) and online tools and resources in the following areas:

  • Information searching and research skills.
  • Assignment help including writing feedback, analysing questions, advice on planning and structure.
  • Referencing and citation skills.
  • Academic Integrity, plagiarism and collusion.

Key points:

  • Students can access timely writing feedback before they hand in their assignments to improve their understanding of requirements, expectations, and how to do it.
  • The service provides advice to students – but it is not an editing or proofreading service.
  • Link to extensive online tools and resources related to your unit assignments.
  • Encourage students to use the service, especially in the lead up to assessment due dates, to improve their assignment outcomes.
  • Provide an educative response to individual students requiring help with academic integrity or further personalised academic skills development (see below).

In class promotion

Use our slide to promote the Library Study Smart service in your class:

Take a look at the hours a Study Smart Officer is available. Since COVID-19, the consultation service is available via Zoom only.

If you have any questions about the Study Smart service, contact the Academic Literacies Manager (opens in a new window).

Academic skills development

Many students come to university without much academic experience. For students who need more focused development of specific academic skills than their course can currently provide, Study Smart Advisors can help.

A Study Smart Advisor can assist the student to develop the academic skill or skills that would make the most difference to them at that time. Areas the Advisor can work with the student on include academic integrity (including as an educative response to misconduct), academic reading and writing, and study skills. The Advisor’s role is to assist the student to develop their own skills so that they can be more self-directed and confident in their learning.

Only a member of staff can refer a student to see a Study Smart Advisor. To refer a student, use this referral form (opens in a new window) (staff WesternAccount login required). Please include as much detail as possible.

Each referral includes up to 3 one-hour sessions, so that the student can progressively develop their skill/s with guided learning activities and feedback from the Advisor. Further sessions are at the discretion of the Advisor.

Developing student literacies within your teaching and learning context

Academic literacies are those skills and capabilities students need to effectively communicate in academic discourse. They include not only writing, but also reading, listening and speaking, as well as evaluating information and other critical thinking skills.

Integrating student literacies development within the teaching and learning curriculum can lead to students developing discipline-relevant practices and seeing their relevance. It can be designed to work with your specific content and requirements. It also ensures all students have the opportunity to develop their academic literacies as part of their study program, not just students who actively seek help.

Academic Literacy Advisors have experience in collaborating with academics from a range of disciplines, and with other academic support units, to develop support strategies and resources that assist in achieving unit learning outcomes and student assessment success.

Examples of integrated literacies supports already in use at WSU include (and are not limited to):

  • note-taking organisers,
  • critical thinking and academic integrity information and class activities,
  • interactive exemplars, and
  • aids to planning and organising writing in a range of genres.

If you have any questions about the Study Smart service, contact the Academic Literacies Team (opens in a new window) to find out how they can work with you to integrate literacies development into your curriculum.