With YourTutor, you can get online help with academic skills such as writing, research, assignment planning and support, as well as fundamental maths, stats, business, sciences and economics. Assignment support is offered for all subjects.

The online tutors are highly experienced specialists in their field, and must pass stringent testing to gain a place in the YourTutor network.

Use YourTutor minutes wisely

Due to YourTutor's popularity during peak times, usage limits may apply when using the service – both when chatting online and when submitting assignments for review. Study Smart and use YourTutor minutes wisely.

How does it work?

There are two ways to connect to YourTutor:

24/7 Writing Feedback service

Drop off a file anytime (24/7) and collect constructive literacy, structure, grammar, and referencing help within 24 hours.

Live Tutor Connect service

Chat one-on-one with online YourTutor staff who can answer your assignment questions immediately, available Sunday to Friday from 3pm to midnight.

Introduction to YourTutor

Please note: in this video, the times referred to are the normal hours for Autumn and Spring sessions.

More videos about how to use YourTutor are available on the YourTutor YouTube site (opens in a new window).

How do I access YourTutor?

Accessing YourTutor is easy – just log in to vUWS (opens in a new window) using your normal WesternAccount details (your student ID number and password). YourTutor will be located in each unit page in vUWS.