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There are two self-paced academic skills vUWS modules you can register into:

  • COMM0001 Academic Literacy Online Workshop 2023 (available year-long) allows you to work at your own pace through a number of online modules. If you participate in this online workshop, 9024 - Academic Literacy – COMM0001 will be added to your Student Record. Note the workshop is free and therefore there are no subject fees connected to your participation.

    Register for Academic Literacy Online Workshop 2023

  • Grammar Online Workshop 2023 (available year-long) allows you to work at your own pace through a number of online modules.

    Register for Grammar Online Workshop 2023

VUWS Registration instructions:

  • The pop-up link will take you to a log-in box. Log in using your STUDENT ID NUMBER (NOT your email address) and your PASSWORD. This will then take you straight to the online workshop (on vUWS).
  • Once you have used this link once, you should continue to find the workshop listed under ‘Companion Sites’ whenever you log into vUWS.
  • You will find all your subject vUWS sites listed on this page as well under ‘Subject Sites’.

Study Smart Librarian

Our Study Smart Librarians are experts at researching topics, understanding referencing styles and more. They can advise you at one-to-one consultations to help you improve your skills and succeed at university.

Why should I meet a Study Smart Librarian?

We know managing information overload at the start of university can be really challenging. You may have solved the puzzle of the Western room codes, but where do you begin with your first writing task?

Library staff can guide you in the right direction to essential study resources, tools and services that will keep you organised, save you time and reduce study stress.

What is a Study Smart Librarian consultation?

  • A one-to-one study skills session tailored to you
  • Get skills support for referencing and citation or search strategies to find the best information for your academic writing.
  • Consultations are up to 20 minutes long.

Book an appointment

Studiosity also provides academic skills support and an academic writing feedback service, and you can access Studiosity from any vUWS subject site. Remember, limits apply to your Studiosity usage. See your Studiosity dashboard.

Academic Skills Support


  • Important: Please note limits apply to your Studiosity usage. You can have six (6) Studiosity sessions per semester.
  • As a student at Western, you have access to Studiosity. This online service provides 24-hour writing feedback.

    Log in to Studiosity

  • You can also look for Studiosity on your My vUWS dashboard.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are collaborative and informal study sessions. Sessions are run by your peers, senior students who have successfully completed the unit and can help you exceed your study expectations. Sessions are free, weekly and no registration is required. Jus check the website timetable and turn up!

For more information, visit: (opens in a new window)

Mathematics Education Support Hub (MESH)

Maths and stats help is provided by the Mathematics Education Support Hub (MESH) and is available during semester.

View MESH Advisor hours (opens in a new window).

  • Get maths, stats and numeracy support.
  • Revise or ‘brush-up’ on your basic maths skills.
  • Understand and use the mathematics needed for your assignments and studies.
  • Develop your statistical skills.

The Library has a wide range of services available to assist in developing your academic writing and grammar skills.

Library Academic Literacy Workshops

The Library offers academic literacy workshops that you can attend online or in-person.

To register for an academic literacy workshop visit Western Life or check out the Library’s What’s On Calendar.

For any enquiries please email: