Assignments and academic writing

Study Smart has you covered for assignment resources from start to finish.

This is your big moment - to show what you've learnt in your unit. Once you know what assignments you have to do, you'll need an action plan and tips to help you research, structure and prepare a good response to the assignment task.

Assignment planning, research and structure

Discover a range of self-help guides, tools and resources for assignments on this website, including group work and presentations. Plan a step-by-step assignment timeline with the Study Smart Assignment Calculator (opens in a new window).

Browse resources for each assignment stage: getting startedresearching and readingwriting and finishing and submitting or guidelines for group work and presentations.

If you prefer individual help with your assignment or writing you can meet with a Study Smart Officer via Zoom for a 30-minute consultation to get expert advice.

Get writing feedback on your assignment draft

Be confident you’re on the right track by uploading your assignment draft anytime to Study Smart Online for constructive writing feedback.

If you prefer to see and talk to someone,about your assignment or academic writing, you can meet with a Study Smart Officer via Zoom for a 30-minute consultation to ask an assignment question or get writing feedback.

Overcome study block and procrastination

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck on a study question or having trouble starting an assignment, don’t give up or just hand in your work the way it is. Talk to a Study Smart Officer via Zoom in a 30-minute consultation and get study advice and practical steps to overcome writing blocks or procrastination.

Develop your writing skills with a workshop

The University also offers free workshops on academic writing, referencing, and grammar (opens in a new window) that are open to all students enrolled at Western Sydney University.