Academic skills development program

How do academic skills help me?

Academic skills are the foundation of studying successfully. They are learnable skills that can help you to study, write, plan your work, and stress less.

If you are having difficulty reading complex academic writing, organising and writing assignments, or studying for exams, it doesn’t mean you are a ‘bad student’. It means that learning academic skills can help you to improve.

What is the Academic Skills Development Program?

While you may have used Study Smart Online or met with a Study Smart Officer, these services focus on a specific assignment you are doing at the time.

In the Academic Skills Development Program, a Study Smart Advisor will work with you in more depth, to help you develop your foundation academic skills so you can do better in all your assignments.

You cannot book into the program yourself, but you can be referred by a staff member or a Study Smart Officer. With each referral, you can have up to 3 one-hour sessions with an Advisor to work on your academic skills.

What do Advisors do?

A Study Smart Advisor will work with you to develop your skills. The sessions won’t be focused on a specific assignment. Instead, the Advisor will help you to develop foundation skills you need to achieve your best at Western. These could be reading, writing, study or other skills.

For example:

  • Do you find yourself always rushing at the last minute? An Advisor can help develop your planning and time management skills.
  • Does uni seem very different from school or work? An Advisor can help with the transition and explain WSU’s requirements.
  • Not really understanding what assignments are asking for or what you are being marked on? An Advisor can help you to build skills to understand assignment questions or rubrics.
  • Having trouble making sense of those academic readings? An Advisor can help you learn strategies for reading and understanding complicated texts.
  • Not quite sure what Academic Integrity is about? An Advisor can help you understand the Australian academic context and improve your understanding of academic integrity and misconduct.

In the sessions, you and the Advisor will work together to identify and develop the academic skills that will make the biggest difference to your study success at the time.

How can I see an Advisor?

If you believe that you would benefit from the Academic Skills Development Program, you can ask to be referred. Speak with a Study Smart Officer during a 30-minute session, or ask your lecturer, disability support officer, or other staff member. They can access the referral form through the Information for Academic Staff page.

Study Smart Advisors are available from week 4 until Stuvac. If you are referred, you will receive an email (to your student email) to organise a time for your first session. Think about which of the times below would suit you best. You will meet your Advisor via Zoom.

Study Smart Advisor hours

From Monday 23rd March until Friday 5th June, Advisors are available for Zoom appointments only, at the following times:

Monday10.00am - 2.00pm
Wednesday11.00am - 3.00pm
Friday1.00pm - 5.00pm

Last updated: Tuesday, 28th July, 2020.