Agri Tech Hub

About Hawkesbury Agri Tech Hub

Hawkesbury Agri Tech Hub consolidates agriculture, STEM and innovation-themed expertise on the Hawkesbury campus. Working with TAFE NSW and the Department of Education, the Agri Tech Hub strategy provides opportunity for enhanced research, training and learning outcomes.

  • The development of the University’s Hawkesbury Agri Tech Hub strategy leverages the concentration of industry, teaching and research innovation in agriculture and horticulture located at Hawkesbury Campus. 
  • There is a focus on developing intensive, high-yield, technology interfaced agricultural commercial practice to provide a continuum between teaching, research, innovation and commercial activation. 
  • This presents opportunity for industry partnership, with a focus on protected cropping of high yield and high demand produce, as well as innovative technology and subsequent educational benefits.
  • Proven partnering experience and success
  • Co-location with tertiary and secondary education environments, and other extended and integrated learning opportunities
  • Closely aligned with the Hawkesbury City Council LGA vision

Agri Tech Hub Strategy

Over the past 10 years, Western Sydney University has been working to identify benefits which could be derived through the development of an Agri Tech Hub strategy, leveraging our Hawkesbury Campus in Richmond as the proof of concept. The Hawkesbury Campus co-location with Richmond TAFE and the development an Agriculture Centre of Excellence in collaboration with both TAFE and the Department of Education, focused on secondary school capability development will provide further opportunities to enhance and extend the proof of concept at Hawkesbury Campus.

Hawkesbury Peri-Urban Greenhouse

Protected cropping and horticulture will be developed in the Peri-Urban Greenhouse on Hawkesbury campus, creating food security and economic growth for the region.

Environmental Sustainability

The Environmental Sustainability team at Western seeks to develop practical and collaborative actions to emerging issues such as climate change and social responsibility.

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