Professor Timothy Rowse

Professor Timothy Rowse

Adjunct professor,
Institute for Culture and Society


Born:   11/2/51 Education: Secondary - Marist Brothers NorthShore; Tertiary  - SydneyUniversity 1969-71, 1973 BA (Hons, first class with University Medal Government), then FlindersUniversity 1974-6 MA in Sociology (by thesis); later SydneyUniversity 1986-9 PhD in Anthropology

 Research positions

 1976 Research Officer, Premiers Department, Victorian Government 1983 Visiting Fellow, ResearchSchool of Pacific Studies (North Australia Research Unit), ANU (January-July) 1985 Visiting Fellow, Research School of Social Sciences, ANU 1987 Research Officer, Tangentyere Council, Alice Springs 1989 Research Officer (Curriculum development) Institute for Aboriginal Development, Alice Springs 1989-94 Senior Research Officer (Medical Anthropology) Menzies School of Health Research, Alice Springs 1992 (four weeks only) Visiting Research Professor in Australian Studies, University of Queensland. 1992-3 Hugh Williamson Fellow, Australian Centre, University of Melbourne. 1994-2000 ARC Research Fellow, Department of Government and Public Administration, University of Sydney 2000 Fellow, Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU (17 July 2000 to 15 July 2001) 2001 Senior Fellow, History Program, Research School of Social Sciences, AustralianNationalUniversity 2009-2011 Professorial Fellow, Centre for Citizenship and Public Policy, University of Western Sydney 2012-present Professorial Fellow, Dean’s Unit, School of Humanities and Communication Arts, University of Western Sydney

 Teaching positions

1975 Part time tutor Philosophy Discipline, FlindersUniversity 1978-85 Lecturer in Sociology, School of Behavioural Sciences, MacquarieUniversity 1988 Part time Lecturer in Leisure Studies, Kuring-gaiCollege of Advanced Education 1993-4 Course Convenor (one of several), Diploma/Masters in Public Health, Menzies School of Health Research 1999 Senior Lecturer (first semester only) Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, AustralianNationalUniversity 2003-4 Visiting Professor of Australian Studies, HarvardUniversity 2005, 2006 and 2008 Convenor, 4th Year Honours Seminar, History Department, Faculty of Arts, ANU 2008 Coordinator, Postgraduate Studies, History Program, RSSS, ANU 2012-present Professorial Fellow, School of Humanities and Communication Arts, University of Western Sydney (20 per cent teaching load)


2001 Elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, and I am a member of the ‘Culture and Communication studies’ and ‘History’ Sections. 2003 Awarded a Centenary Medal for my work in Australian and Indigenous Studies. 2007 Elected a Fellow of the Australian Social Science Academy.

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  • PhD University of Sydney
  • MA Flinders University of South Australia
  • BA University of Sydney

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Social Science Academy (2007)
  • Australian Academy of Humanities (2000)
  • Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (1992 - 2019)


  • Australian Indigenous History. Indigenous people in Anglophone Settler Colonial Societies. Global History of Indigenous peoples.

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Institute for Culture and Society


  • Executive of the Australian Social Science Academy


Location: EM.G.05

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Conference Papers

  • Rowse, T. (2003), 'Curtin and labor's full employment promise', From Curtin to Coombs: war and peace in Australia, Curtin University of Technology.
  • Rowse, T. (2002), ''The responsive public servant': Coombs the man, Coombs the report', Australian Journal of Public Administration, .


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