Professor Lynn Kemp

Professor Lynn Kemp

Professor In Nursing,
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Dr Lynn Kemp is recognised as an international leader in the field of early childhood interventions in primary and community health and translational research. Her local, national and international research in early childhood is bringing quality evidence-based early intervention programs to vulnerable families with young children in Australia and world-wide.

Originally trained as a registered nurse at the then Lidcombe Hospital, Lynn commenced her academic career in 2002 with a commitment to improving health equity for vulnerable groups, focussed on the critical early years of life.  The Maternal Early Childhood Sustained Home-visiting (MECSH) program Lynn developed in south-western Sydney has received USA government approval as an effective, evidence-based sustained home visiting intervention. MECSH is now implemented in Australia, the UK, USA and South Korea, currently serving more than 15,000 families world-wide. Significantly, in South Korea, her work has been instrumental in the establishment of a universal child and family health service system, serving the city’s 10million residents, where previously families had no access to such support.

Lynn’s work is leading translation of research findings into population-scale programs. Through the MECSH programs nurses working with families have, as described by one nurse, "a great opportunity to facilitate some changes, empower families to find a way forward that might be different from their past." Her skill in supporting population scale implementation is now also informing strategies for improved adoption of effective cancer and volunteer interventions. Lynn is an academic leader graduating 11 PhD students in the past 5 years, and an honorary fellow at Kings College London.

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  • PhD(Health) University of Western Sydney, Macarthur


  • NSW Premier s Women of the Year finalist 2015-03-04


  • Community Child Health
  • Translational Research

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • School Of Nursing And Midwifery


  • Good Beginnings Australia Programs Advisory Committee


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Location: Off Campus

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Chapters in Books

  • Kaplun, C., Grace, R., Knight, J., Anderson, J., West, N., Mack, H., Comino, E. and Kemp, L. (2017), '"Everybody has got their own story" : urban Aboriginal families and the transition to school', Families and Transition to School, Springer 9783319583273.

Journal Articles

  • Rossiter, C., Schmied, V., Kemp, L., Fowler, C., Kruske, S. and Homer, C. (2017), 'Responding to families with complex needs : a national survey of child and family health nurses', Journal of Advanced Nursing, vol 73, no 2 , pp 386 - 398.
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Other Publications

  • 2008, 'The Role and Nature of Universal Health Services for Pregnant Women, Children and Families in Australia: Literature Review', Research Report

Originallytrained as a registered nurse, Professor Kemp had 10 years of clinical nursingservice. She commenced her academic career in 2002 and has developed asignificant program of community-based children and young people's researchthat includes world and Australian-first intervention studies such as theMaternal Early Childhood Sustained Home-visiting (MECSH) study, the firstrandomised trial of sustained nurse home visiting commencing antenatally andcontinuing to child-age 2 years, that is embedded in universal health services,the Bulundidi Gudaga trial of sustained nurse home visiting in an urbanAboriginal community, the right@home randomised trial of sustained nurse homevisiting, and the Volunteer Family Connect trial of volunteer home visiting.Professor Kemp is now leading an international program of translationalresearch, studying the implementation of these effective interventions at population scale world-wide with programmes in Australia, England, South Koreaand the USA.

This information has been contributed by Professor Kemp.

Current Projects

Title: Strengthening families and communities through volunteering [via Macquarie Uni]
  • Anonymous Donation
Western Researchers: Lynn Kemp
Years: 2015-09-29 - 2019-12-31
ID: P00023747
Title: Can home-visiting improve early school entry outcomes?: Following the right@home randomised trial to age 5 years [no funding to WSU]
  • National Health and Medical Research Council (ACRG)
Western Researchers: Lynn Kemp
Years: 2015-01-01 - 2019-12-31
ID: P00024172
Title: Sustained Health Home Visiting for Families with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds with low English Proficiency (LEP): determining the efficacy of program delivery using interpreters or in-language community support
  • South West Sydney Research
Western Researchers: Lynn Kemp and Cathy Kaplun
Years: 2017-07-26 - 2018-07-31
ID: P00024498
Title: MECSH- Southern NSW LHD
  • Southern NSW Local Health District
Western Researchers: Lynn Kemp
Years: 2016-05-12 - 2018-05-18
ID: P00024212
Title: Translating 'proportionate universal healthcare' into meaningful service system design to achieve outcomes for families with young children
  • University of Western Sydney
  • South Western Sydney Local Health District
  • Southern NSW Local Health District
Western Researchers: Lynn Kemp, Virginia Schmied, Ann Dadich and Kenny Lawson
Years: 2017-02-01 - 2018-01-31
ID: P00023593

Previous Projects

Title: Closing the Gap: Early Childhood Sustained Home Visiting for families of Aboriginal infants in an urban community [via UNSW - no funding to Western Sydney Uni]
  • National Health and Medical Research Council (ACRG)
Western Researchers: Lynn Kemp
Years: 2015-05-01 - 2015-12-31
ID: P00022936
Title: MECSH- Sydney Local Health District (LHD)-
  • NSW Department of Health
Western Researchers: Lynn Kemp
Years: 2016-03-03 - 2016-11-22
ID: P00024220

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