Professor Clive Smallman

Professor Clive Smallman

Human Resources and Management (SoBus)


Clive Smallman is Professor of Management and Assistant Vice Chancellor (Strategic Projects), Office of the Vice Chancellor and President, University of Western Sydney, Australia. A highly experienced project management professional with a career spanning commercial and tertiary education change management, Clive is presently leading key strategic projects for the University both internationally and domestically.

Clive is experienced in international education, large scale change management, strategy, academic leadership, business leadership, policy development, budget management, the management of academic staff, and the supervision of postgraduate students. He is a widely published author with high impact journal articles in high quality refereed publications as well as several book chapters. He has an excellent understanding of modern pedagogy and has experience of lecturing internationally, specialising in executive education.

His PhD is from Bradford University School of Management, a triple crown accredited business school. He also holds an MA in Management Learning from Lancaster University School of Management, also triple crown. A former Fellow of Hughes Hall and a Senior Research Associate at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University, Clive trained in principle based negotiation at Harvard. He is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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  • PhD University of Bradford
  • MARTS University of Bradford
  • MBA University of Bradford
  • MSCComStArtInt University of Essex (UK)
  • BScGeoM University of Bradford


  • FBCS 2004-11-01
  • CITP 2004-11-01
  • FIITP 2006-05-01
  • ITCP 2006-05-01
  • GAICD 2013-12-01


  • Change Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Decision Making
  • Engaged Scholarship
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Jazz
  • Leadership
  • New Product Development Practices in Manufacturing Organisations
  • Positive Psychology
  • Process Research Methods
  • Project Management
  • Resilience
  • Small Business Management
  • Sustainability

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  • Human Resources and Management (SoBus)


  • University Senate
  • University Executive Committee


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Chapters in Books

  • Haropoulou, M., Smallman, C. and Radford, J. (2013), 'Supply chain management and the delivery of ecosystems services in manufacturing', Ecosystem Services in Agricultural and Urban Landscapes, Wiley 9781405170086.
  • Smallman, C., Moore, K., Wilson, J. and Simmons, D. (2012), 'Case studies of international tourists' in-destination decision-making processes in New Zealand', Field Guide to Case Study Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure, Emerald 9781780527420.
  • Smallman, C. and Robinson, A. (2012), 'Risk as workers' remembered utility in the late-modern economy', Innovative Thinking in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management, Gower 9781409411949.
  • Kirkbride, J., Kowalski, T., Letza, S. and Smallman, C. (2010), 'From central to a free market. What is the correct level of control? Lessons from banking industry', Institutional Change in Transition Economies: The Case of Poland, Poznan University of Economics 9788374174473.
  • Kirkbride, J., Letza, S. and Smallman, C. (2010), 'Individual sovereignty, antitrust controls and the market - the challenge of private enforcement', Institutional Change in Transition Economies: the Case of Poland, Poznan University of Economics 9788374174473.

Journal Articles

  • Langley, A., Smallman, C., Tsoukas, H. and Van De Ven, A. (2013), 'Process studies of change in organization and management : unveiling temporality, activity, and flow', Academy of Management Journal, vol 56, no 1 , pp 1 - 13.
  • Guo, L., Smallman, C. and Radford, J. (2013), 'A critique of corporate governance in China', International Journal of Law and Management, vol 55, no 4 , pp 257 - 272.
  • Robinson, A. and Smallman, C. (2013), 'Workplace injury and voice : a comparison of management and union perceptions', Work, Employment and Society, vol 27, no 4 , pp 674 - 693.
  • Moore, K., Smallman, C., Wilson, J. and Simmons, D. (2012), 'Dynamic in-destination decision-making : an adjustment model', Tourism Management, vol 33, no 3 , pp 635 - 645.
  • Sandhu, S., Smallman, C., Ozanne, L. and Cullen, R. (2012), 'Corporate environmental responsiveness in India : lessons from a developing country', Journal of Cleaner Production, vol 35 , pp 203 - 213.
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  • Rujirawanich, P., Addison, R. and Smallman, C. (2011), 'The effects of cultural factors on innovation in a Thai SME', Management Research Review, vol 34, no 12 , pp 1264 - 1279.
  • Rujirawanich, P., Addison, R. and Smallman, C. (2011), 'The effects of cultural factors on innovation in a Thai SME', Management Research Review, vol 34, no 12 , pp 1264 - 1279.
  • Ash, J. and Smallman, C. (2010), 'A case study of decision making in emergencies', Risk Management, vol 12 , pp 185 - 207.
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  • Smallman, C., Macdonald, J. and Mueller, J. (2010), 'Governing the corporation : structure, process and behaviour', Journal of Management and Organization, vol 16, no 2 , pp 194 - 198.
  • Smallman, C. and Moore, K. (2010), 'Process studies of tourists' decision-making', Annals of Tourism Research, vol 37, no 2 , pp 397 - 422.

Conference Papers

  • Smallman, C. and Haropoulou, M. (2012), 'Strange Loops: The Fallacious Representation Of Process In Organization Theory', Fourth International Symposium on Process Organization Studies, Kos, Greece.
  • Wilson, M., Dean, D. and Smallman, C. (2011), 'Reconceptualising inter-organisational supply chain behaviours', 18th European Operations Management Association (EurOMA) Conference, Cambridge, UK.
  • Doscher, C., Moore, K., Smallman, C., Wilson, J. and Simmons, D. (2011), 'An Agent-Based Model of Tourist Movements in New Zealand: Implications for Spatial Yield', 19th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM 2011), Perth.
  • Ahmed, H., Balzarova, M. and Smallman, C. (2010), 'Rethinking evolutionary change theory through appraisal based on the study on the New Zealand electricity industry', Sixth International Conference on Business Management, and Economics (ICBME), Turkey.
  • Cullen, R., Forbes, S., Grout, R., Smallman, C. and Wratten, S. (2010), 'Evaluation of biodiversity innovations in winegrowing', 51st Conference of the New Zealand Association of Economics, .
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  • Moore, K., Wilson, J., Smallman, C. and Simmons, D. (2010), 'Observations of Tourists' in-destination decision-making processes: a perspective from New Zealand', 20th Annual Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTH) Research Conference, Tourism and Hospitality Challenge the Limits, .

Previous Projects

Title: Evaluation of how small business entities learn
  • Department of Trade and Investment Regional Infrastructure and Services
Western Researchers: Clive Smallman
Years: 2013-06-17 - 2014-10-30
ID: P00021689


Professor Smallman is available to be a principal supervisor for doctoral projects

Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: Crisis Management. Aligning scripts and actors: Strengthening crisis response capabilities by minimising process deviation.
Field of Research: Business And Management; Management And Commerce, N.e.c.
Thesis Title: Development of an Environmental Management System Framework for Hong Kong Higher Education Institutions
Field of Research: Organisation Management; Business And Management, N.e.c.
Thesis Title: How will the Financial Planning Industry need to Adapt to Changing Customer Needs and Circumstances
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: A Study of Institutional Pressures and Dynamic Capability and its Impact on Corporate Carbon Reduction Performance
Field of Research: Business And Management; Accounting; Organisation Management


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