Mr Mauricio Novoa

Mr Mauricio Novoa

Industrial Design


Mauricio is a designer and academic with more than 28 years of professional experience in a broad range of fields; from product to industrial, architecture, advertising, communications and marketing (2D, 3D and 4D time based, events and moving image).

Rising from hands-on design to reach creative direction and management roles, he has had the opportunity to look after a varied portfolio of Blue Chip and SME clients both in Australia and abroad. Some highlights in industrial design and production for American, Asian, Australian and European companies are in technological innovation (i.e. electronic, construction and building, medical and scientific), durable and fast moving consumer goods (i.e. commercial and domestic appliances, white goods, food, tools, packaging), online and e-learning solutions (i.e. web design, e-commerce, flexible learning, GUI, HCI, visualization and simulation).

He is a PhD Candidate at UWS Centre for Cultural Research (Cultural Economy and Globalization) and also holds a Masters in Design from University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Previously he obtained a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts (First Class Honours) from Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

As a UWS academic for the last six years, he draws on his professional experience with special interest on new emerging technologies and their development including their influence on society and culture, design and designers agency on social and cultural change, design thinking and innovation, design for the other 90%, human environments, cognition, user centered design, experience design and sustainability.

His work as an artist has been exhibited nationally and internationally as in the touring exhibition "Chilean Artists of the 20th Century", Chile, South America (1984) and also later in Australia in "The Boundary Rider: 9th Biennale of Sydney" (1992/93) and its subsequent touring exhibitions.

This information has been contributed by Mr Novoa.


  • BA Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
  • MDes University of Technology, Sydney

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Industrial Design


Phone: (02) 47360 942
Location: XB.331
Penrith (Kingswood)

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Mauricio is a current UWS Active Researcher Academic at School of Engineering, Industrial Design (status reached after Research Activity Register 2006 – 2008 triennium). His PhD Candidature focuses on design’s new knowledge ecology. It intends to contribute to re-defining design artefact and expertise in education and industry within the context of current cultural economy, globalization and digital culture.From 2005, he has run a multi-dimensional and international project on Design Studio focusing on teaching and learning, industry framework, ubiquitous computing (i.e. podcasting, vodcasting, mobile, visualization and simulation communications) and ubiquitous learning (i.e. co-design, collaborative and distributed design and learning, face to face and mediated participatory action research, multi-literacy). Manufacturing wise, he is also working on latest development of customized mass production with special mention of rapid prototyping, direct manufacturing and eManufacturing.

Initially brought into School of Engineering as Industrial Graphics Major Coordinator, he was soon invited to direct, coordinate and supervise Honours students and coordinate units as follows:

300314 Designed Inquiry

300313 Design Studio 4: Simulate to Innovate

300014 Design Management 3: Organisational Skills for Designers

300462 Engineering and Design Concepts

300282 Industrial Graphics 2: Transition

300312 Industrial Graphics 4: Surface

300773 Industrial Design Project Commencement (Honours)

300774 Industrial Design Project Completion (Honours)

300309 Sustainable Design: Life Cycle Analysis

This information has been contributed by Mr Novoa.

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