Doctor Wayne Fallon

Doctor Wayne Fallon

Associate Dean, International (India),
Human Resources and Management (SoBus)

Human Resources and Management (SoBus)


Wayne is Associate Dean International in the School of Business, focusing on India and South Asia more broadly, with substantive position as Senior Lecturer in Management. His work in South Asia involves developing and supporting institutional and corporate relationships, and supporting South Asian students studying Business at Western Sydney University.

His teaching draws on his partnership networks in business and government, and focuses on work-integrated learning and engaged learning and teaching. With a PhD in management and corporate social responsibility, Wayne's teaching and research are generally in the areas of intersection of Business, Society and the Environment. Areas of teaching include leadership and management skills, business sustainability, corporate governance and ethics, with particular interest in the development of graduate employability skills.

Wayne's research interests are in SMEs, manufacturing, technology and the future of work, and in community development and capacity building through regional growth and development. His doctoral supervisions include Business-NGO partnerships, sustainability, CSR, leadership, cross-cultural business management and inter-firm dynamics. Before joining academia, Wayne worked in management roles in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, with early careers as a solicitor in private practice (in commercial and corporations law) and as a legal writer (in corporations law and corporate practice). He has occupied a range of Board positions including a local business chamber and the peak body group for work-integrated learning in Australia. 

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  • PhD RMIT University
  • MCom University of Western Sydney
  • Grad.Dip.LegalPrac Queensland University of Technology
  • LLB University of Queensland

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Human Resources and Management (SoBus)
  • Human Resources and Management (SoBus)


Phone: (02) 9685 9844
Location: 1.8.27

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 500017 Governance and Ethics, 2012
  • 200768 Management Skills, 2014


Chapters in Books

  • Succarie, A., Fallon, W. and Coronado, G. (2018), 'Towards a hybrid approach to the governance of Islamic schools in NSW', Islamic Schooling in the West: Pathways to Renewal, Palgrave Macmillan 9783319736112.
  • Tran, D., Fallon, W. and Vickers, M. (2017), 'Leadership in the transition from a socialist to a market economy : multi-stakeholder perceptions of business leadership in Vietnam', The Palgrave Handbook of Leadership in Transforming Asia, Springer 9781137579386.
  • Fallon, W. (2013), 'Sustainability, stakeholders and the nature of the firm', Sustainability in Australian Business : Principles and Practice, John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd 9780730300311.

Journal Articles

  • Tran, D., Fallon, W. and Vickers, M. (2016), 'Leadership in Vietnamese state owned enterprises (SOEs) : exploring multi-stakeholder perceptions - a qualitative study', Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration, vol 8, no 1 , pp 21 - 36.
  • Bye, J. and Fallon, W. (2015), 'Supporting a relational approach to feedback on assessments : the unintended impacts of institutional influences on student feedback', Employment Relations Record, vol 15, no 1 , pp 27 - 41.
  • Boucher, C. and Fallon, W. (2014), 'Adopting the Learning History approach for use in inter-organisational contexts : learnings from a problem gambling project', Action Learning Action Research Journal, vol 20, no 2 , pp 8 - 40.
  • Fallon, W. (2012), 'Flashpoints in students' work-integrated learning in business : implications for curriculum design', Employment Relations Record, vol 12, no 1 , pp 67 - 81.
  • Coronado, G. and Fallon, W. (2011), 'Using hypertext ethnography to understand corporate-stakeholder relations in CSR', Social Responsibility Journal, vol 7, no 1 , pp 87 - 103.
  • Coronado, G. and Fallon, W. (2010), 'Giving with one hand : on the mining sector's treatment of indigenous stakeholders in the name of CSR', International Journal of Socilogy and Social Policy, vol 30, no 11/12 , pp 666 - 682.
  • Handa, N. and Fallon, W. (2006), 'Taking the Mountain to Mohammed: Transitioning International Graduate Students into Higher Education in Australia', International Journal for Educational Integrity, vol 2, no 2 , pp 126 - 139.

Conference Papers

  • Fallon, W. and Hurriyet, H. (2016), 'Managing the transition to advanced manufacturing : an organic approach', Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. International Conference, Brisbane, Qld..
  • Hurriyet, H. and Fallon, W. (2015), 'Exploring the synergies of technology, markets and people : on the transition to advanced manufacturing', Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. International conference, Queenstown, N.Z..
  • Paudyal, R., Abraham, A. and Fallon, W. (2013), 'Microfinance and social capital in Nepal : the case for an integrated approach', Nepalese Academy of Management. International Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Fallon, W. (2012), 'Reflections on the adoption of critical management studies in teaching business ethics', Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. International conference, Perth, W.A..
  • Ouppara, N., Vickers, M. and Fallon, W. (2011), 'Reflecting on the Rhetoric of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study of Inter-Organizational Bullying', 25th Annual Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, Wellington, NZ.
  • Taylor, R., Coronado, G. and Fallon, W. (2011), 'Learning from Third Sector Engagement with Business: Uncovering Meaning for Critical Management Studies in the Field', 25th Annual Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, Wellington, NZ.
  • Fallon, W. and Handa, N. (2006), 'Giving International Students a 'Fair Go': Academic Preparation Programs in Tourism and Hospitality', To the city and beyond : Proceedings of the 16th CAUTHE Conference, Victoria University, Melbourne.
  • Sullivan, E. and Fallon, W. (2006), 'Risk Management Policies and Strategies at Community-Sponsored Events: A Metropolitan and a Regional Perspective', Inaugural New Zealand International Hospitality Management Conference 2006, Hamilton, New Zealand.
  • Muneshwar, S., Vickers, M., Wilkes, L. and Fallon, W. (2006), 'Understanding Bullying in Commercial Kitchens: An Insider's View', Inaugural New Zealand International Hospitality Management Conference - 2006, Novotel Tainui Hotel, Hamilton, New Zealand.
  • Fallon, W. (2005), 'Rethinking 'Business is Business': A Criticalist Perspective on Teaching Business Ethics', 12th Annual AAPAE Conference, Adelaide.
  • Fallon, W. and Sullivan, E. (2005), 'Managing Risk at Community-Sponsored Events: A Comparative Study', Event Management Research Conference 2005: The Impacts of Events, UTS Haymarket Campus, Sydney.
  • Daruwalla, P. and Fallon, W. (2005), 'Experiential Learning in Events Management: Developing Reflective Practitioners', Event Management Research Conference 2005: The Impacts of Events, UTS Haymarket Campus, Sydney.
  • Handa, N. and Fallon, W. (2005), 'Taking the Mountain to Mohammed: Transitioning International Graduate Students into Higher Education in Australia', Educational Integrity: Values in Teaching, Learning & Research, University of Newcastle.
  • Fallon, W. and Daruwalla, P. (2004), 'Enjoy! Creating Knowledge through experiential Learning', Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE) 2004 Annual Conference Creating Tourism Knowledge, Brisbane.
  • Fallon, W. (2003), 'More Power to the People: Towards a Criticalist Perspective of Tourism', Current Research - Future Strategies: Bridging Uncertainty, Sydney.
  • Fallon, W. and Treleaven, L. (2003), 'From Protagonists to Partners: Participative Research in the Corporate Landscape', Learning Partners in Action"", Pretoria, South Africa.

Research interests:

  • Business sustainability, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder participation in business and impacts of business in society;
  • Business, society and public policy dynamics, including influences of local government;
  • Non-profit organisations, including volunteering;
  • Non-government and community organisations, and their intersection with business;
  • Business ethics, governance and ethics in management;
  • Critical management studies and critical approaches to business management;
  • Action research, ethnographic and qualitative research methods;
  • Engaged learning and teaching, including academic service learning, experiential learning and work-integrated learning;
  • Socratic approaches to teaching and team teaching.

Grants / Current Projects

  • ‘Leading WIL: A Distributed Leadership Approach to Enhance Work Integrated Learning Outcomes’, funded by Australian Learning & Teaching Council (now OLT), 2011-2013, member of Project Management Group and Project Team, with GU (project leaders), VU, Deakin and CQU
  • ‘Seeking Better Outcomes for International Aid Provided by Australian Grassroots Philanthropic Organisations: The Case of the Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters’,funded by UWS Sustainability & Social Research Group, 2011-2012, first chief investigator with Dr Gabriela Coronado
  • ‘Energy Efficiency Matters: Training Accountants & Business Managers’,NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, 2011-2012, project team member with Dr Anne Abraham, Dr Dorothea Bowyer & Dr Colin Sheringham, six industry partners
  • ‘Sustainability Essentials for Executives’,Agrifoods Skills Australia Ltd, 2011-2012, project team member with Assoc Prof Bruce Simmons, two industry partners
  • ‘Energy Efficiencies in Academic Office Buildings: An Action Learning Approach to Making Sustainability Practices Sustainable’ funded by Sustainable UWS Rolling Fund, 2011-2012, project leader with Nicole Peel and Aswant Prasad
  • ‘Engaging Student Feedback to Enhance Assessment Practices in Management Education: A Program of Research Using Action Research’, unfunded, 2011-2015, chief investigator with Dr Jayne Bye
  • ‘Engaged Modes of Learning & Teaching in Management’, unfunded, 2009-2013

Completed Grants/Projects

  • ‘Optimising Corporate Social Responsibility in Australia for Developing Sustainable Community Organisations’, funded by UWS Research Grant, second chief investigator with Dr Gabriela Coronado
  • ‘Bilingual Business Apprenticeships and Traineeships: Evaluation Report’, Auburn, Fairfield and Holroyd City Councils, with funding from DEEWR and NSW DET, 2011, project leader with Dr Gabriela Coronado.

This information has been contributed by Doctor Fallon.

Previous Projects

Title: Composition and Viability of the Manufacturing Sector in Blacktown
  • Blacktown City Council
Western Researchers: Wayne Fallon, Heath Spong, Henry Lau, Qiuyan Fan and Louise Young
Years: 2014-06-30 - 2015-08-31
ID: P00022307
Title: Evaluation of community 2168 Program-Phase 1
  • Liverpool City Council
Western Researchers: Jayne Bye and Wayne Fallon
Years: 2016-02-01 - 2017-03-09
ID: P00024459
Title: Optimising corporate social responsibility in Australia for developing sustainable community organisations
  • University of Western Sydney
Western Researchers: Gabriela Coronado Susan and Wayne Fallon
Years: 2007-12-10 - 2008-12-09
ID: P0015900


Doctor Fallon is available to be a principal supervisor for doctoral projects

Current Supervision

Thesis Title: Stakeholder Perceptions of CSR Reporting Practices in NSW Forestry SME's
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Inter-Organisational Bullying: A Critical Small-Firm Perspective
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Understanding the Influence of the Professional Identity of Board Members on the Governance of Islamic Schools in New South Wales
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: The Influence of Governance on Organisational Culture and Ageist Attitudes in 5-star Hotels
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Dilemmas of Stakeholder Engagement with a Socially Responsible Australian Mining Corporation
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Microfinance and Social Development: A Case Study of Development Project Centre Nepal
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Barriers and support for innovation in manufacturing SME's in Greater Western Sydney
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Leading in Turbulent Times: An Investigation of Leadership Practices in the Australian University Sector
Field of Research:

Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: From Informal Initiatives to Formal Strategies: The Role of Stakeholders in the CSR Strategy Formation of a Large Media Corporation in Brazil
Field of Research: Business Management
Thesis Title: A Multi-stakeholder Approach to the Perception of Business Leadership in Vietnam
Field of Research: Business And Management
Thesis Title: The Influence of Evaluation on Human Service Practitioner Learning: An Analysis of Two Case Studies of Practitioners' Experiences of Evaluation
Field of Research: Social Work; Welfare Studies

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