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Doctor Siobhan Schabrun



  • PhD University of Adelaide
  • BPhy(Hons) University of Adelaide


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Location: Campbelltown

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Journal Articles

  • Alhassani, G., Liston, M., Clothier, P. and Schabrun, S. (2022), 'Interhemispheric inhibition between primary sensory cortices is not influenced by acute muscle pain', Journal of Pain, vol 23, no 7 , pp 1177 - 1186.
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Conference Papers

  • Cavaleri, R., Summers, S., Chipchase, L. and Schabrun, S. (2019), 'Accelerating recovery of acute musculoskeletal pain using non-invasive brain stimulation : a randomised controlled trial', Sports Medicine Australia. Conference, Sunshine Coast, Qld..
  • Summers, S., Chipchase, L., Hirata, R., Graven-Nielsen, T., Cavaleri, R. and Schabrun, S. (2018), 'The relationship between motor cortex organisation and motor variability in the transition to sustained muscle pain', International Motor Impairment Conference, Coogee, N.S.W..
  • Cavaleri, R., Schabrun, S., Te, M. and Chipchase, L. (2017), 'Treating de Quervain's disease : a systematic review and meta-analysis comparing corticosteroid injections and hand therapy', World Confederation for Physical Therapy. International Congress, Cape Town, South Africa.

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