Doctor Sheree Gregory

Doctor Sheree Gregory

Human Resources And Management (Sobus)


Dr Sheree Gregory (PhD) is a Lecturer in Human Resources Management in the School of Business at Western Sydney University.

Sheree is an award-winning educator in management and teaches classes in HR, Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship across undergraduate, graduate and executive education. She supervises PhD students in issues surrounding work and family life and migration in contemporary Australia. Sheree has also taught in legal studies and sociology (work, families and gender). She holds a Training and Assessment accreditation and university learning and teaching certificate. 

Sheree has research expertise in the changing world of work, including gender equality, work and family life, women and executive succession planning. Her research is published in prestigious journals such as Entrepreneurship, Theory & Practice and includes two jointly-edited monographs on Women and Work (RMIT 2006, 2007), book chapters, industry reserach reports and conference papers. She has collaborated on three Australian Research Council Linkage grants, partnered with local and state governments and advocacy organisations. Her research has had policy impact and she has developed workplace and industry policy for gender equality and flexible work. Sheree presently is collaborating on a national gender equality call for action in the Australian screen industry following the completion of a large survey of the experiences of carers and working parents.

Sheree's committee work includes: for the Talent Flows subcommittee of the NSW Innovation and Productivity Council, the editorial advisory board of International Small Business Journal (SAGE), School Research and Higher Degree committee, Work, Employment and Social Movements thematic group, Australian Sociological Association (previous 2012-2016), and Reviews Editor and Board member of Media International Australia journal (SAGE) (previous 2013-2016). She is a member of the Institute for Culture and Society, Digital Humanities Research Group, and the recipient of a 2016 Women's Fellowship.

Sheree is appointed in two leadership roles: International Academic Lead for Research Engagament (USA), and Networking Communities Lead for 'Youth (Un)Employment' of the Work and Family Researcher Network (International). 

Twice a Visiting Scholar: 2019 at The Jonathon M. Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown University in the USA, and 2016 at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Prior to joining Western Sydney University, Sheree held positions at RMIT University's School of Management and the Centre for Sustainable Organisations and Work, affiliation with the Digital Ethnography Research Centre, and completed an ARC Linkage Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Swinburne Institute where she was part of an industry-university team that developed a global family business succesion planning survey which was translated into nine languages. 

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  • PhD Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • BA Hons University of Newcastle (NSW)
  • BA University of Newcastle (NSW)

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Sociological Association (2011)
  • Academy of Management (2014)
  • American Sociological Association (2015 - 2018)
  • Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University (2016 - 2020)
  • Digital Humanities Research Group (2015)
  • Australian Digital Sociology Network (2013)
  • Gender Education Association (2018)
  • Australian HR Institute (AHRI) (2019)


  • Teaching Excellence - High GTS Individual Award, College of Business, RMIT University 2015-02-20


  • Australian Screen Industry, Arts and Culture
  • Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation
  • Family business succession planning
  • Gender Relations
  • Inclusive Innovation
  • Leadership and Management
  • Small to Medium Enterprises
  • Succession Planning
  • Women entrepreneurship
  • Work and family life balance

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Human Resources And Management (Sobus)


  • Media International Australia journal
  • Work, Employment and Social Movements thematic group, The Australian Sociological Association
  • School of Business Research Committee
  • Organising Committee for 2015 Digital Humanities International Conference
  • The Lucy Mentoring Program 2016
  • International Small Business Journal
  • Organising Committee for 2019 TASA Conference


Phone: (02) 9685 9064
Location: 1.8

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 200300 Managing People at Work, 2015
  • 200300 Managing People at Work, 2016
  • 200300 Managing People at Work, 2017
  • 200300 Managing People at Work, 2018
  • 200300 Managing People at Work, 2019
  • 200789 Emerging Leaders, 2017
  • 200789 Emerging Leaders, 2018
  • 200843 Integrated Business Experience 2, 2015
  • 200919 Innovation and Professional Practice, 2016
  • 200919 Innovation and Professional Practice, 2017
  • 200919 Innovation and Professional Practice, 2018
  • 200979 Foundations of Entrepreneurship, 2017



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  • Charlesworth, S., Douglas, K., Fastenau, M. and Gregory, S. (2006), 'Women and Work 2005: Current RMIT University Research', : RMIT University 1921166274.

Chapters in Books

  • Gregory, S. (2008), 'Decisions, choices and trade-offs : women's paid work and care arrangements after childbirth', Theorising and Representing Maternal Realities, Cambridge Scholars 9781847184566.
  • Charlesworth, S. and Gregory, S. (2007), 'Part-time work : policy, practice and resistance in a manufacturing organisation', Women and Work: Current RMIT University Research, RMIT University Press 9781921166921.
  • Gregory, S. (2004), 'Women's decisions about paid work and family life after childbirth : a critique of the Hakim model', Women and Work: Current RMIT University Research, RMIT University 0864593376.

Journal Articles

  • Gregory, S. and Brigden, C. (2017), 'Gendered scenes : conceptualising the negotiation of paid work and child-care among performers in film, television and theatre production', Media International Australia, vol 163, no 1 , pp 151 - 162.
  • Gilding, M., Gregory, S. and Cosson, B. (2015), 'Motives and outcomes in family business succession planning', Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, vol 39, no 2 , pp 299 - 312.
  • Pimpa, N., Moore, T., Gregory, S. and Tenni, B. (2015), 'Corporate social responsibility and mining industry in Thailand', World Journal of Management, vol 6, no 1 , pp 34 - 47.
  • Gregory, S. (2015), 'The Unfinished Revolution: Coming of Age in a New Era of Gender, Work and Family', Community, Work & Family, vol 18, no 3 , pp 368 - 369.
  • Gregory, S. (2015), 'Kelly, Gabrielle and Robson, Cheryl (eds), Celluloid Ceiling: Women Film Directors Breaking Through', Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy, vol 156, no 1 , pp 154 - 155.
  • Gregory, S. (2013), 'Dawson, Andrew and Holmes, Sean, P. (eds), Working in the Global Film and Television Industries: Creativity, Systems, Space, Patronage', Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy, vol 148, no 1 , pp 162 - 163.
  • Gregory, S. (2009), 'Stories from inside the ivory tower', Frontline, vol 17 , pp 8 - 8.
  • Gregory, S. (2008), 'The shifting paid work and family life experiences and cultural habitus of motherhood : an Australian perpsective', International Journal of the Humanities, vol 5, no 12 , pp 139 - 149.
  • Gregory, S. and Warner-Smith, P. (2003), ''Melt down' : young women's talk of time and its implications for health, well-being and identity in late modernity', Annals of Leisure Research, vol 6, no 4 , pp 319 - 338.

Conference Papers

  • Caspersz, D. and Gregory, S. (2014), 'Conceptualising family influence in family business : using moral economy', Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. International Conference, University of Technology, Sydney.
  • Caspersz, D. and Gregory, S. (2014), 'Developing a sociological understanding of the significance of family influence in family business : using moral economy', Australian Sociological Association. Conference, Adelaide, S.A..
  • Gregory, S., Moore, T., Pimpa, N. and Tenni, B. (2014), 'How mining multinational corporations promote women : modus operandi?', Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. International Conference, Sydney, N.S.W..
  • Gregory, S. (2012), 'Negotiating paid work and intimate life in late modernity : accounts and strategies from primary carers returning to work in higher education', Australian Sociological Association. Conference, The University of Queensland.
  • Gilding, M., Gregory, S. and Cosson, B. (2011), 'A typology of motives in family business succession planning : institutionalisation, implosion, imposition and individualisation', Australian Sociological Association. Conference, University of Newcastle.

Other Publications

  • 2018, 'Honey I Hid the Kids!: Experiences of Parents and Carers in the Australian Screen Industry [Summary Report]', Report
  • 2018, 'Strategies, Opportunities and Barriers: Mapping the New World of Work: An Australian Screen Industry Roundtable Summary Report: Western Sydney University, Parramatta City Campus, 8 February 2018', Report
  • 2018, 'Honey, I Hid the Kids!: Experiences of Parents and Carers in the Australian Screen Industry: Full Report November 2018', Report
  • 2017, 'Gap Filler: Exploring Barriers and Opportunities for Sustaining Local Employment in Two Greater Western Sydney Business Parks - Reflections From the Pilot Study', Report

2019, Academic Development Program - Visiting Scholar at the Jonathan M. Nelson Centre for Entrepreneurship at Brown University, Rhode Island, USA.

2018, ‘Senior Executive Succession planning & Leadership’ Western Sydney University Researcher: Dr Sheree Gregory Funded by: Vice-Chancellor’s Gender Equality Fund, Western Sydney University

2018, ‘Parents & Carers Australian Screen Industry Survey’ Researchers: Dr Sheree Gregory, Prof. Deb Verhoeven (UTS), Megan Riakos (WIFT NSW), Margaret McHugh (UTS), Erin Jolley (UTS) Funded by: Create NSW

2018, 'Co-Working in the Creative City' Western Sydney University Researchers: Professor George Morgan (School of Humanities & Communication Arts), Dr Sheree Gregory, Professor Rosalind Gill (University of Newcastle) Funded by: School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney University  

2016, Strategic Projects development - Visiting Scholar at the International School of Business, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

2016, 'Entrepreneurial Urban Economy: Family Business and Entrepreneurial Networks in Western Sydney' Western Sydney University Researcher: Dr Sheree Gregory  

2016-17, 'Barriers to Women's Employment Participation in the Cultural Industries: A Case Study of Gender Equality Policy and Practice in the Film and Television Industry' Western Sydney University Researcher: Dr Sheree Gregory Funded by: Western Sydney Researcher Development Strategic Initiative Funding – Women’s Fellowship Award

2015-16, 'Scoping the barriers to women's participation in the cultural industries: Multiple Perspectives' Western Sydney University Researchers: Dr Sheree Gregory, & Professor Deborah Stevenson Funded by: Cities And Economies 2015 Small Grants Scheme Award, Institute for Culture and Society

2014-15, 'Behind-the-Scenes: Managing Paid Work, the Household and Caring Responsibilities in the Entertainment Industry' Researcher: Dr Sheree Gregory Funded by: School of Management Seed Grant - RMIT University (in-kind support from Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance)  

2014, 'Creating value, valuing creativity: cultural production and consumption in the global city' Research Team: Assoc. Prof.  Cathy Brigden, Prof. Chris Hudson, Assoc. Prof. Lisa French, with Dr Sheree Gregory (ECR) Funded by: Global Cities Research Institute Research Scheme, RMIT University  

2013-15, 'Equitable Employment and International Mining' Research Team: Assoc. Prof. Nattavud Pimpa, Dr Timothy Moore, Assoc. Prof. Chris Zigurus, Dr Bridget Tenni, with Dr Sheree Gregory (ECR) Funded by: Australia Aid funding, Department of Foreign Affairs and Training  

2011-13, 'Family Business Succession Planning: Dynamics, Barriers and Strategies' Research Team: Prof. M Gilding, Prof. R Kenley, Dr R Shrapnel, with Dr Sheree Gregory (Post-doctoral Fellow), Barbara Cosson (PhD candidate) Funded by: Australian Research Council, ARC LP100200160. 1 Industry Partner: Pitcher Partner Ltd.

This information has been contributed by Doctor Gregory.

Previous Projects

Title: Penrith City Council - Gap Filler
  • Penrith City Council
Western Researchers: Teresa Swist, Sheree Gregory and Paul James
Years: 2017-03-24 - 2017-10-30
ID: P00024191


Current Supervision

Thesis Title: Working with Whiteness: comparative studies about the neglected bamboo ceiling among Chinese middle-class female immigrants in Shanghai and Sydney
Field of Research:


Title: Australia screen industry is letting down carers
Description: 08 October 2018, The Conversation (Aus)
Title: Workplace flexibility and work/life balance enter a new era
Description: 05 December, 2015, The Deal Magazine
Title: Keeping it in the family - succession planning, inheritance
Description: 2013, Venture Magazine
Title: International Women s Day: Equality and Work in the Screen Industry Under the Microscope
Description: 08 March 2016, Institute for Culture and Society
Title: Women, work and the art of juggling time
Description: 09 February 2015, The Australian Sociological Association
Title: Returning to work after childbirth: still a case of managing it all
Description: 08 January 2015, The Conversation (Aus)

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