Doctor Sheree Gregory

Doctor Sheree Gregory

Human Resources and Management (SoBus)


I lecture first year Managing People at Work, second/third year Innovation and Professional Practice, Leadership for Executive MBA, and have developed Entrepreneurship Foundations, in the School of Business. I am an experienced HDR thesis Examiner and Supervisor in women, dads and work; caring and labour; work/life issues.

In 2018 I was invited to the Talent Flows subcommittee of the NSW Innovation & Productivity Council. Since 2017 I am a member of the editorial advisory board of International Small Business Journal (SAGE), Institute for Culture and Society, Digital Humanities Research Group, recipient of a 2016 Women's Fellowship, and was Reviews Editor and Board member of Media International Australia journal (SAGE).

My research track record is in gender and work/life. My research is published in prestigious journals such as Entrepreneurship, Theory & Practice. I have collaborated on 3 Australian Research Council Linkage grants studying family business entrepreneurial succession, employee work/life integration in manufacturing, and young people's cultural activities. My work has informed screen industry and organisational policy for caring and well-being; international and domestic industry projects, and has been the basis of international and domestic journal articles. I have worked on research projects with industry partners: Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance; and ARC Linkages with GM Holden Ltd. & Sydney Water (RMIT, University of Sydney); Pitcher Partners (Swinburne), 13 arts organisations/councils (University of Melbourne), and liaised with a former Sex Discrimination Commissioner of Australia for work/family and gender research.

Twice a Visiting Scholar: 2019 Brown University in USA; 2016 UEH in Vietnam.

In 2015, I was appointed by the Dean to the School of Business Research Committee. From 2012, I was national convenor of Work, Employment and Social Movements thematic group, Australian Sociological Association. I am joint-editor of two monographs on Women and Work (RMIT 2006, 2007).

Prior to joining Western Sydney University, I was Lecturer of Management at RMIT, member of the Centre for Sustainable Organisations and Work, and Digital Ethnography Research Centre. I co-convened the 2014 Work and Life in the Creative Economy Symposium (RMIT, University of Melbourne, MEAA) and Chaired the Equity and Diversity Panel. I completed a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship and delivered the 2013 Swinburne University Dean’s Lecture in Social Science. I have taught Strategic Management; Global Entrepreneurship; Legal Studies; Sociology; Human Resource Management; Employment Relations; Organisational Theory and Behaviour; International Business and Strategy; Public Policy; Research Methods; and co-developed a postgraduate unit on International Strategy. In 2015, my teaching was re cognised when I was awarded an RMIT College of Business teaching award.

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  • PhD Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • BA Hons University of Newcastle (NSW)
  • BA University of Newcastle (NSW)

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Sociological Association (2011)
  • Academy of Management (2014)
  • American Sociological Association (2015 - 2018)
  • Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University (2016 - 2020)
  • Digital Humanities Research Group (2015)
  • Australian Digital Sociology Network (2013)
  • Gender Education Association (2018)
  • Australian HR Institute (AHRI) (2019)


  • Teaching Excellence - High GTS Individual Award, College of Business, RMIT University 2015-02-20


  • Australian Screen Industry, Arts and Culture
  • Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation
  • Family business succession planning
  • Gender Relations
  • Inclusive Innovation
  • Leadership and Management
  • Small to Medium Enterprises
  • Social and Innovation Networks
  • Succession Planning
  • Women entrepreneurship
  • Work and family life balance

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Human Resources and Management (SoBus)


  • Media International Australia journal
  • Work, Employment and Social Movements thematic group, The Australian Sociological Association
  • School of Business Research Committee
  • Organising Committee for 2015 Digital Humanities International Conference
  • The Lucy Mentoring Program 2016
  • International Small Business Journal
  • Organising Committee for 2019 TASA Conference


Phone: (02) 9685 9064
Location: 1.8

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 200300 Managing People at Work, 2015
  • 200843 Integrated Business Experience 2, 2015
  • 200300 Managing People at Work, 2016
  • 200919 Innovation and Professional Practice, 2016
  • 200919 Innovation and Professional Practice, 2017
  • 200300 Managing People at Work, 2017
  • 200789 Emerging Leaders, 2017
  • 200979 Foundations of Entrepreneurship, 2017
  • 200919 Innovation and Professional Practice, 2018
  • 200300 Managing People at Work, 2018
  • 200789 Emerging Leaders, 2018



  • Fastenau, M., Branigan, E., Douglas, K., Marshall, H. and Gregory, S. (2007), 'Women and Work 2007: Current RMIT University Research', : RMIT University 9781921166921.
  • Charlesworth, S., Douglas, K., Fastenau, M. and Gregory, S. (2006), 'Women and Work 2005: Current RMIT University Research', : RMIT University 1921166274.

Chapters in Books

  • Gregory, S. (2008), 'Decisions, choices and trade-offs : women's paid work and care arrangements after childbirth', Theorising and Representing Maternal Realities, Cambridge Scholars 9781847184566.
  • Charlesworth, S. and Gregory, S. (2007), 'Part-time work : policy, practice and resistance in a manufacturing organisation', Women and Work: Current RMIT University Research, RMIT University Press 9781921166921.
  • Gregory, S. (2004), 'Women's decisions about paid work and family life after childbirth : a critique of the Hakim model', Women and Work: Current RMIT University Research, RMIT University 0864593376.

Journal Articles

  • Gregory, S. and Brigden, C. (2017), 'Gendered scenes : conceptualising the negotiation of paid work and child-care among performers in film, television and theatre production', Media International Australia, vol 163, no 1 , pp 151 - 162.
  • Gilding, M., Gregory, S. and Cosson, B. (2015), 'Motives and outcomes in family business succession planning', Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, vol 39, no 2 , pp 299 - 312.
  • Pimpa, N., Moore, T., Gregory, S. and Tenni, B. (2015), 'Corporate social responsibility and mining industry in Thailand', World Journal of Management, vol 6, no 1 , pp 34 - 47.
  • Gregory, S. (2015), 'The Unfinished Revolution: Coming of Age in a New Era of Gender, Work and Family', Community, Work & Family, vol 18, no 3 , pp 368 - 369.
  • Gregory, S. (2015), 'Kelly, Gabrielle and Robson, Cheryl (eds), Celluloid Ceiling: Women Film Directors Breaking Through', Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy, vol 156, no 1 , pp 154 - 155.
  • Gregory, S. (2013), 'Dawson, Andrew and Holmes, Sean, P. (eds), Working in the Global Film and Television Industries: Creativity, Systems, Space, Patronage', Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy, vol 148, no 1 , pp 162 - 163.
  • Gregory, S. (2009), 'Stories from inside the ivory tower', Frontline, vol 17 , pp 8 - 8.
  • Gregory, S. (2008), 'The shifting paid work and family life experiences and cultural habitus of motherhood : an Australian perpsective', International Journal of the Humanities, vol 5, no 12 , pp 139 - 149.
  • Gregory, S. and Warner-Smith, P. (2003), ''Melt down' : young women's talk of time and its implications for health, well-being and identity in late modernity', Annals of Leisure Research, vol 6, no 4 , pp 319 - 338.

Conference Papers

  • Caspersz, D. and Gregory, S. (2014), 'Conceptualising family influence in family business : using moral economy', Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. International Conference, University of Technology, Sydney.
  • Caspersz, D. and Gregory, S. (2014), 'Developing a sociological understanding of the significance of family influence in family business : using moral economy', Australian Sociological Association. Conference, Adelaide, S.A..
  • Gregory, S., Moore, T., Pimpa, N. and Tenni, B. (2014), 'How mining multinational corporations promote women : modus operandi?', Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. International Conference, Sydney, N.S.W..
  • Gregory, S. (2012), 'Negotiating paid work and intimate life in late modernity : accounts and strategies from primary carers returning to work in higher education', Australian Sociological Association. Conference, The University of Queensland.
  • Gilding, M., Gregory, S. and Cosson, B. (2011), 'A typology of motives in family business succession planning : institutionalisation, implosion, imposition and individualisation', Australian Sociological Association. Conference, University of Newcastle.

Other Publications

  • 2018, 'Honey I Hid the Kids!: Experiences of Parents and Carers in the Australian Screen Industry [Summary Report]', Research Report
  • 2018, 'Strategies, Opportunities and Barriers: Mapping the New World of Work: An Australian Screen Industry Roundtable Summary Report: Western Sydney University, Parramatta City Campus, 8 February 2018', Research Report
  • 2018, 'Honey, I Hid the Kids!: Experiences of Parents and Carers in the Australian Screen Industry: Full Report November 2018', Research Report
  • 2017, 'Gap Filler: Exploring Barriers and Opportunities for Sustaining Local Employment in Two Greater Western Sydney Business Parks - Reflections From the Pilot Study', Research Report

2019, Academic Development Program - Visiting Scholar at the Jonathan M. Nelson Centre for Entrepreneurship at Brown University, Rhode Island, USA.

2018, ‘Senior Executive Succession planning & Leadership’ Western Sydney University Researcher: Dr Sheree Gregory Funded by: Vice-Chancellor’s Gender Equality Fund, Western Sydney University

2018, ‘Parents & Carers Australian Screen Industry Survey’ Researchers: Dr Sheree Gregory, Prof. Deb Verhoeven (UTS), Megan Riakos (WIFT NSW), Margaret McHugh (UTS), Erin Jolley (UTS) Funded by: Create NSW

2018, 'Co-Working in the Creative City' Western Sydney University Researchers: Professor George Morgan (School of Humanities & Communication Arts), Dr Sheree Gregory, Professor Rosalind Gill (University of Newcastle) Funded by: School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Western Sydney University  

2016, Strategic Projects development - Visiting Scholar at the International School of Business, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

2016, 'Entrepreneurial Urban Economy: Family Business and Entrepreneurial Networks in Western Sydney' Western Sydney University Researcher: Dr Sheree Gregory  

2016-17, 'Barriers to Women's Employment Participation in the Cultural Industries: A Case Study of Gender Equality Policy and Practice in the Film and Television Industry' Western Sydney University Researcher: Dr Sheree Gregory Funded by: Western Sydney Researcher Development Strategic Initiative Funding – Women’s Fellowship Award

2015-16, 'Scoping the barriers to women's participation in the cultural industries: Multiple Perspectives' Western Sydney University Researchers: Dr Sheree Gregory, & Professor Deborah Stevenson Funded by: Cities And Economies 2015 Small Grants Scheme Award, Institute for Culture and Society

2014-15, 'Behind-the-Scenes: Managing Paid Work, the Household and Caring Responsibilities in the Entertainment Industry' Researcher: Dr Sheree Gregory Funded by: School of Management Seed Grant - RMIT University (in-kind support from Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance)  

2014, 'Creating value, valuing creativity: cultural production and consumption in the global city' Research Team: Assoc. Prof.  Cathy Brigden, Prof. Chris Hudson, Assoc. Prof. Lisa French, with Dr Sheree Gregory (ECR) Funded by: Global Cities Research Institute Research Scheme, RMIT University  

2013-15, 'Equitable Employment and International Mining' Research Team: Assoc. Prof. Nattavud Pimpa, Dr Timothy Moore, Assoc. Prof. Chris Zigurus, Dr Bridget Tenni, with Dr Sheree Gregory (ECR) Funded by: Australia Aid funding, Department of Foreign Affairs and Training  

2011-13, 'Family Business Succession Planning: Dynamics, Barriers and Strategies' Research Team: Prof. M Gilding, Prof. R Kenley, Dr R Shrapnel, with Dr Sheree Gregory (Post-doctoral Fellow), Barbara Cosson (PhD candidate) Funded by: Australian Research Council, ARC LP100200160. 1 Industry Partner: Pitcher Partner Ltd.

This information has been contributed by Doctor Gregory.

Previous Projects

Title: Penrith City Council - Gap Filler
  • Penrith City Council
Western Researchers: Teresa Swist, Sheree Gregory and Paul James
Years: 2017-03-24 - 2017-10-30
ID: P00024191


Current Supervision

Thesis Title: Working with Whiteness: comparative studies about the neglected bamboo ceiling among Chinese middle-class female immigrants in Shanghai and Sydney
Field of Research:


Title: Australia screen industry is letting down carers
Description: 08 October 2018, The Conversation (Aus)
Title: Workplace flexibility and work/life balance enter a new era
Description: 05 December, 2015, The Deal Magazine
Title: Keeping it in the family - succession planning, inheritance
Description: 2013, Venture Magazine
Title: International Women s Day: Equality and Work in the Screen Industry Under the Microscope
Description: 08 March 2016, Institute for Culture and Society
Title: Women, work and the art of juggling time
Description: 09 February 2015, The Australian Sociological Association
Title: Returning to work after childbirth: still a case of managing it all
Description: 08 January 2015, The Conversation (Aus)

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